June 27

Catechism Class on Hiatus Until August

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Catechism Class will be back shortly. Thanks for your patience.

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We’re working hard behind the scenes on several urgent projects for Rosary Army and have decided to use the upcoming July 4th holiday as an excuse to take a brief break from both Catechism Class and Imperfect Living.

A bit more info

Hey folks – I just recorded a quick audio I’ll be sending out to both the Imperfect Living and Patreon feeds, as well as to the Catechism Class feed.

I’ve been mulling this over the last couple of days and this morning I made the decision that we’re going to take a couple of weeks off from recording the shows (but not from the other work we do – which is why we’re going to take this short break). This will also include the Saturday video for Patreon supporters.

The reason behind this is a lot of what we’ve been mentioning on the show with wanting to get some substantial movement on things behind the scenes with Rosary Army and just needing to get our ducks in a more orderly row so we can continue to better serve you. We’ve been talking nearly non-stop these last few weeks about how best to lead Rosary Army as we enter into our 20th year doing this ministry, and these discussions really need our continued focus as we narrow in on some great stuff we’re planning and will announce soon.

So the next new Imperfect Living will be released on July 11 and the next Catechism Class on July 13. Thanks for your understanding, patience, and support!

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See You Soon.

See You Soon.

Enthrone Your Home

Enthrone Your Home
  • Please continue catechism class. I would love to listen to both yours and Fr mikes. He is going to race through the catechism. There will be a lot he has to skim over. Your thorough examination of the catechism is so helpful. Please don’t stop. ❤️🙏🏻

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