April 21

8 Recent Paintings



I’ve been on a mad painting spree these last few months, and we’ve actually started framing and hanging some of them in the house.

What simultaneously amuses and befuddles me is that I never know which of my paintings my wife will deem “hang-worthy.”  Having made some horrible design choices in the past, we’re both pretty picky about what goes on the walls.  So I’m always pleased when I accidentally crank out a hang-worthy painting.

Like this one:


And this one:


See a trend as to where my paintings end up?

But then these others are sort of homeless right now.  This one was tucked on a bookshelf:IMG_1570

And this one started a series of landscapes (which I feel like is one of my weaker suites, so I’m doing  a lot of these lately trying to improve).  This one might get hung:


This might get a frame, too:


Jennifer has made it clear this one WON’T get hung.  So it’s in my closet right now:


Did this one on Good Friday.  Not the best photograph, but I call this “Behold your Mother.”  Pay attention to the right-side edge of the painting.


And I did this one yesterday on Easter Sunday.  These last two I did on my front porch, and very much enjoyed being outside doing these instead of being in the basement, but it’s not the most convenient thing to haul all my gear upstairs and outside.  But it’s worth it.  More to come!


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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Don’t worry Greg, Even Leonardo painted over some he thought were not hang worthy.

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