November 10

Baby Girl’s Room



We bought sheets this weekend for the nursery, as well as a crib mattress and diaper changing pad.

It’s looking more like an actual bedroom with every passing day.

Thanks to all of our guests from the last few days. Here are links to our guests, as well as things we’ve been talking about:

Also, here is the list of Board Games that were recommended to us:

  • Ticket to Ride
  • Settlers of Cataan
  • Go To The Head of the Class
  • Sorry
  • Pictionary
  • Guess Who?
  • Apples to Apples
  • ImagineIff
  • Statego

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Greg and Jennifer:
    First of all your baby’s room looks great…make me want to be your kid :)…

    Did not know your email, but I know many pro-lifers disappointed in election…take a look at this link/video…it takes 5 minutes to watch…it is about LIFE…I cried…you may, too…

    Peace and God Bless.
    Pax et bonum.
    George A. DeFehn, SFO

  • I love the baby’s rooom. I am a new listener to your show and love it.
    However, one comment.
    I, too, and a mom of 4 boys. I am sure you have had a similar experience as we have every time we announced we were having a boy – “ooohh, that is too bad”, “I am so sorry”. This is regardless of the fact that we never tried for a girl, and we love our boys to death.

    I am sure you would have been happy to have another boy, as well. But it is irritating to hear so many callers congratulating you so often on having a girl.Would they be as enthusiastic if you were having another boy? Would you get as many congrats?

    I guess I am ultra-sensitive to this, as so many people say so many thoughtless things to me about all my boys – while my kids are right there! “Too bad you will never know what having a girl is like”. Or, when they peek in the stroller and see the newest one is ANOTHER boy – “Oh, too bad for your boys. They will really miss out if they never have a sister”.
    I think – who would they want me to change to have this wonderful experience? Which of my boys should I give up in order to get a daughter?

    We love our boys. We accept whoever God gives us to complete our family. If we ever have a girl, we will be thrilled. But no more thrilled than having another boy.

    There – I am done with my rant! Thanks for letting me vent!

    And…congratulations on your new little one.

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