A Bird in the Oven is Worth More Than Two in the Fridge

We left the turkey in the bucket with the brine overnight out on a table on our patio last night. Glad we don’t have raccoons or bears.

After bringing it inside, I cleaned it off, patted it dry, and mixed together a rub of a little salt, pepper, tarragon, thyme, rosemary, and a few other herbs. Smelled so good!

Then, using a trick I saw on Food Network, I dug into the skin and separated it a bit from the turkey meat itself. We always wondered why the dry rub never quite penetrated the bird in the past as much as we’d expect it to. Well, apparently that pesky skin gets in the way.

So after making enough space to get my hand in there, we poured in some vegetable oil between the skin and bird, then rubbed the herb mix in there as best I could.

We then stuck as many onions, carrots, turnips, and pieces of celery as we could all around the turkey and then I drizzled the skin with butter.

Once that was all done, we stuck the bird in the oven for the first 30 minute round of heating.

Thanksgiving is under way!

Now I’m going to finally drink my first cup of decaf and relax a bit.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

  • Ronald says:

    That’s a BIG turkey, have a great Thanks Giving.

  • Aleighanne says:

    You watched Alton Brown didn’t you?

  • Mary Soukup says:

    hope your thanksgiving gose well, Keep FR R full of turkey 🙂

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