November 13

Homemade Pie for XM Listeners (and links!)



Actually, this pie isn’t for XM Listeners. But we’re glad you’re here anyway! Welcome to all new folks who are here after listening to The Catholics Next Door on either Sirius 159 or now on XM 117. How cool is that!?!

But this is an actual pie, the pie talked about on yesterday’s program. This cherry pie is an old family favorite for some good friends of ours and our son, Sam really wanted this pie for his 11th birthday.

For cherry pie, this was really good. I don’t even like cherry pie. I’m so glad Sam loved it. Thanks Linda!!

And here are links to some of the guests and things we’ve been discussing lately:

Again, welcome to all XM 117 listeners, as well as our already good friends from Sirius! Very glad you’re here 🙂

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Jennifer is married to Greg. They have five kids.

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  • Whaaa Hoo. Greg & Jennifer on XM. If love it. I miss the regular Rosary Army. But this is going to be great. I’m listening at work today but don’t tell anyone. It will be great to listen to you in the car too. God Bless you, Greg & Jennifer.

  • I tried the link for “150 Bible Verses Every Catholic Should Know” and couldn’t find it. Patrick Madrid’s site is poorly designed and the search doesn’t work. Anyone have a direct link to the bible verses? Thanks!!

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