June 9

Black or Brown?



jennifernocolorBecause we’re speaking at the Eucharistic Congress in Atlanta this Saturday, June 13 (11:15 is our speaking time, don’t be late!), we’ve been scattering around buying clothes that fit and don’t look like we bought them before we even had children.

In other words, it’s been a long time since I bought a suit and Jennifer bought a nice, new, girly outfit.

But in addition to an outfit, Jennifer also wanted to get rid of the gray hair she has accumulated over the past year, since she hasn’t had her hair colored since before getting pregnant with Lily. The first picture here is of Jennifer with her gray exposed. The others show what has happened over the past four days.

So last Friday she headed to the salon to get what she thought would be a “dark brown” hair color.

When she got home, all the boys said something like, “Wow, Mom, your hair is really dark.”

I lasted almost 24 hours before some sort of stupid comment busted out of my mouth that was along the lines of, “Your hair is sort of like a biker chick’s.”

Here is what her hair looked like after the initial visit:

Jennifer, too, was dissatisfied with the jet black dark brown hair and was told over the phone by the stylist to wash it with dishwashing soap.

She did as instructed several times. Her hair was still jet black dark brown.

So today she headed back to the salon to have the whole issue resolved.

I think I was more nervous than her. I expected some sort of horrible sitcom situation where her hair would end up green right before we are scheduled to speak in front of 30,000 people on Saturday.

Fortunately, the result looks great, and this whole hair coloring debacle can now be put to rest. At least, that is, until the gray comes back.

Here’s the final result:

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • You look GREAT Jennifer. The “newest” color suits your skin coloring more so than that dark brown-black.

    My husband and I wish we could be in Atlanta. Best of luck with all your talks!

  • Cracking up at the whole jet black dark brown references. Sent this one to the women folk in my family.

  • You look absolutely stunning! I know you may not feel that it is “natural” to you, but it truly does look so. I know it’s darker than you expected, but I vote you should keep it! I’ve been dying my hair blue black for over 6 years now, trust me, it could be a lot darker πŸ™‚
    Keep it for a while, maybe you’ll come to love it.

  • Hey Jennifer and Greg…saw you at church last week…gotta say…brown is your color. Although black hair color gives that Catherine Zeta-Jones look, a fair complexion makes black too overpowering. Brown is definitely a good match for your skin tone. Saw Lilly peeking over the top of the ‘daddy pouch’…what a cute “couple”! πŸ™‚ Looking forward to hearing you on Sat. at the EC. Our prayers are with you both for a fun and spirit-led day! Julie and Leo

  • Your hair looks great in all three colors. I love the darker brown (black); it’s very striking on you.

  • Biker Chick Greg?!? Maria is right. Why Jennifer doesn’t hit you upside the head with the toaster is a credit to her patience. God Bless You Jennifer.

    As for the hair color. Gloria is also right. All three colors look great but………………. Black, Black, Black!!! Beautiful!!

  • does this mean we can swear now? Mat 5:36 Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black.

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