October 26

Can’t Believe We Got So Excited Over a Coat Rack



In the midst of our home renovations of the past three months (yes, it’s been going on that long), we removed a small coat-rack we had in our foyer. It was a gift from somebody (I thought it was Jennifer’s mom, but then my sister made me think it was her). It looked like a circus train, and had three colorful pegs on it.

The pegs did not last long.

In fact, our boys worked those pegs so hard by hanging coats and book bags and such that I’m surprised the coat rack lasted as long as it did.

Furthermore, with four boys now in school, we were short a peg for somebody’s jacket and bag.

Now that we got the entire 2-story foyer painted for the first time in something other than builder’s white, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head of a new and stronger coat-rack that could handle more, and also look more like the rest of our furniture.

So a week ago I’m at Lowe’s looking at the coat racks, and they had the color wood I wanted, but not the kind of hardware that would match all of our doorknobs and such.

So I called Dad.

He had a piece of hardwood my brother Paul acquired, and Dad thought it would work for a rack.

So I picked up hardware on Friday night, Dad came over on Saturday and we measured and measured until we thought we had it figured out, and then Dad showed up yesterday with this beauty of a coat rack.

Once it was on the wall, I was even more blown away.

Dad makes awesomely beautiful bowls and vases out of wood using his lathe, but I think this simple coat rack is my favorite thing yet. It couldn’t look more perfect, and finally we won’t have to deal with book bags scattered all over the foyer.

Best yet, each boy has two hooks, there is a hook for me and Jennifer, a hook for the new baby, and still a hook left over should someone stop by.

I’m looking forward to hanging my jacket on it for years to come.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • We had a long and narrow entry hall when our five children were growing up. We put up a border on both sides of the hallway and added hooks about every foot. It was the perfect answer for our crew, visiting friends and family!’

    We bought a new home four years ago. There is no place to make such a hanging area. Even though our kids are all grown now, we still need places for everyone to hang coats and hats as they visit. A coat closet never works as well!

    We also put up similar hooks in the master and hall bathrooms. There was always a hook for everyone’s towel and so the bathrooms stayed much more tidy and towels actually dried out! May the Lord be with you and your family the the month
    s ahead.

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