December 17

Catholic Christmas Gift Ideas



Picture 1On today’s show we talked about all sorts of great Catholic Christmas gift ideas. Here’s a list of most of the suggestions:

Anne Rice’s books about Jesus such as Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt: A Novel or Called Out of Darkness: A Spiritual Confession

Theology and Sanity

Our Lady’s Musical Rosary

Story of Christ Bracelet

Detective Zack and the Secret of Noah’s Flood (Detective Zack (Unnumbered Paperback))

Agnus Gift Shop T-Shirts

A World Away (Quest of Dan Clay, Book 1)
by T.J. Smith

Spiritual Bouquets and Fudge from Monastery of the Holy Spirit

Classics like Treasure Island, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit
Angel Fire
by Mary Marshall

Ruth Bell Graham picture story book One Wintry Night

A Philadelphia Catholic in King James’s Court

Some of our personal choices:
Scott Hahn’s latest books Signs of Life: 40 Catholic Customs and Their Biblical Roots
and Catholic Bible Dictionary

Catholic Heroes of the Faith: The Story of Saint Perpetua

Louis De Wohl Books, particularly The Spear: A Novel of the Crucifixion, Lay Siege to Heaven: A Novel About Saint Catherine of Siena and The Restless Flame: A Novel About Saint Augustine.

Buy a Goat or support a family from

Popple’s latest CD – Hip Hip Hooray

Grace Before Meals by Father Leo Patalinghug

Patrick Lencioni Books (Business books written as novels) including “3 Big Questions For a Frantic Family”

Fudge and Fruitcake made by monks from

Regina Doman’s Fairy Tale stories

Matthew Bunson’s 2010 Catholic Almanac (Our Sunday Visitor’s Catholic Almanac)

That Catholic Show DVD

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  • THANK YOU!!!!!
    Next year can you do this earlier in December, it was so helpful.
    Merry Christmas!

  • Great list! Thanks you guys! Although I was surprised that “The 13th Day” DVD was not listed as a recommended choice. Merry Christmas!

    In His service, and yours,

    Dan, from MA

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