June 22

Eucharistic Congress Wrap-Up



archbishopandlilyThe Eucharistic Congress in Atlanta is already a week behind us and I haven’t had a chance to post any photos or anything of our experiences. Sorry about that!

In a nutshell, the event was awesome. I felt as though both Jennifer and I were blessed with a tremendous grace leading up to our talk, and I was amazed at how calm we both felt.

If you’re interested, the talk is available as both a CD and DVD for purchase here. Proceeds go to help the Archdiocese of Atlanta continue to provide the Eucharistic Congress for free.

In addition to the talk, the highlight of the day, for us, was getting the above picture taken of Lily and Archbishop Gregory. We were waiting in the Green Room and he came walking in. My mom wheeled Lily up to him in her stroller and he plucked her right out of there. We were all very surprised and just absolutely touched by that moment. This’ll be a picture we treasure for a long time.

congressIf you were unable to attend the Eucharistic Congress, the Georgia Bulletin has a lot of great stories this week giving full recaps of the event, including this story which has some quotes and a photo of us from the Congress.

To everyone who we got to meet that day, it was an immense pleasure. It’s always so great to meet listeners and people who have been affected by Rosary Army in one way or another.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • What was your speech about?? I have loved your talks in the past so I would love to hear / see this as well … but what was it about?

    I think I’m constantly praying for Rosary Army in little ways. I miss so much hearing about how things are going : ( I’m just hoping and praying it’s as strong as ever and not falling to the wayside : (


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