Fr. Roderick Can’t Help Himself

So we just finished recording today’s show and apparently Fr. Roderick still needed a podcasting fix.  Cracks me up.

“Hey do you still have your H4 recorder?” he asked me.

I directed him where to find it, and next thing I knew we were recording one of Fr. Roderick’s infamous travelogue podcasts.

He’s uploading it as I type over at

It should be a fun little episode.  We talked a lot about food, took a drive over to my parents’ house to get Tommy, and then back again.  It’s amazing how many things you can find to talk about on a short half hour drive.

Along the way Father asked me about how I use my iPhone to update this website.  Basically, I use the free web app from WordPress, take photos with my phone, and upload via the WordPress app.

To demonstrate, I took these two pictures of Fr. Roderick.

So if you listen to the podcast and look at the pictures at the same time, it’ll be like a real multi-media event!

Posted by Greg
November 26, 2008
  • Inge says:

    I learned a Dutch saying that describes this best: “Pastoor Roderick is een ramp op pootjes.” :mrgreen:

    You can have him do the translation…. 😆

  • Ronald says:

    Great to see Fr Roderick, thank you for sharing him with us Greg 🙂

  • That is so… awesome! I’m about to begin my sweet potato pie recipe. I’ll have to check out SQPN.


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