September 25

Tim Drake, Donating Stuff, and Show notes – 9/25/08



Another great guest joined us on today’s “The Catholics Next Door” – Tim Drake, head writer for National Catholic Register and author of a new book about the stories and behind the scenes of the movie, Bella. The book is released today, and you can pick up a book and DVD combo here. Thanks for joining us, Tim! We hope to have you on again soon.

And, as always, below are some behind the scenes photos and other things we talked about:

Below, during one of our breaks, Jennifer removed her headphones in order to remove a hair clip. The resulting effect was something that looked quite a bit like a haircut straight from a 1980’s John Hughes movie.

I never thought of my wife as a fluff chick before.

This photo shows her in a whole new light:)

Random photo of the day: Jennifer’s coffee mug with her name on it, in the same style as the font used for our That Catholic Show video series.

Here’s all the stuff we left out in our driveway to donate to charity. The truck actually showed up during recording the show and they quietly took it all away. And our dog Jody didn’t bark a single time.

And lastly, here’s a photo of the picture Sam drew at school when asked to draw a picture of himself in the future. We always wonder what his public school teachers think whenever he tells them he wants to be a priest.

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  • I think the picture Sam drew is sooo awesome. I hope I have kids that want to become priests. how cool.

  • also, even though I don’t have satellite Radio I really love the website. It’s fun to look through and see you guys in some silly pictures. can’t wait for the next RA podcast. God Bless you guys.

  • I always like hearing what my students want to be when they grow up. (I had one student tell me of his desire to be a rabbi. I’m not Jewish – but it was really nice to hear!)

  • Jennifer always has awesome hair!

    Hopefully your son will continue down the path of honest discernment of a vocation to the priesthood. We could use good passionate priests, especially in our country! Thanks for raising good children in the faith.

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