November 30

Fun With Walt’s Hair



We’ve done a lot of piddly stuff this weekend.
I answered over 70 emails that have been sitting there taunting me (still have over 30 to go), played some games, ate a lot food, and just generally took it easy.

Yesterday some friends of our stopped by from out of town. Last time they were here about 2 months ago, the boys were in desperate need of haircuts. So of course, now that these same friends stopped by, our boys still looked like wild children.

So today they visited Dad’s Barbershop, conveniently located in our bathroom.

Walt’s hair is the most different than his brothers. It is naturally curly and very, very dense. Much like a Brillo pad.

Today we opted for a buzz cut, mainly because Walt wanted me to mess with his hair.

First we went with the Frankenstein look (above).

This was then followed by the punk rocker look, which he really loves (right).

In the end I was left with one of my least favorite jobs, which is cleaning up the mountain of hair left on the floor.

The picture below does not do justice to the amount of hair.  Plus, I almost always get at least one hair splinter in my foot from Walt’s Superman-like hair.  They’re like barbwire, I tell ya’.

Below the picture of the pile of hair you’ll see the final products.

Sometimes I goof up on the haircuts and some days I do alright.  Either way, I save us at least $50 by doing this ourselves.  And since we also worked on Christmas lists this weekend, I think we’re going to need that $50.

Here’s Tommy’s haircut:

And Ben:


And Sam (who has the craziest cowlicks I’ve ever seen):

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  • I don’t believe I ever gave my son (or daughter, for that matter) a haircut. Oddly enough, my mom or dad cut our hair (my brothers and mine) until we were old enough to pay for the barber on our own! 😉
    I’m guessing my story would’ve been somewhat different with 4 boys as opposed to one! At any rate, it looks as if you do a super job with the hair trimmer! Ahhh… to have a head of hair again! 😉

  • BTW… Walt could easily handle any of the those hair styles! I liked ’em all! No favorites… Great job!

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