May 14

Greg’s iPhone Apps

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I just took some quick screen shots of the apps on my iPhone since we were talking about phone apps on the show today. Here they are. Any others you’d suggest?

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Hey! No Shazzam? Shazam? However you spell it!
    That looked like a pretty useful app.

  • Kit – Midomi is a lot like Shazam.

    Danell – I think Hail Mary and Holy Rosary are like iRosary. Is there anything that makes iRosary stand out from the others?

  • Curious what your high score on Flight Control is? πŸ™‚ Also, I have an App called Catholic on mine that is good source for prayers although some are recorded a little different than I learned them.

  • Evernote. Great data storing app that is perfect for storing notes, graphics, PDFs, receipts and other information. Can be accessed via Mac/Windows/Web and via iPhone/iPod Touch. Data is stored on web so it is always available and it is free.

  • Sent a Tweet on this too… Check out Simplify Music It allows you to LEGALLY share / stream your music library accross ANY platform to up to 30 friends. You can play tunes from their libraries over the net.

    You can even stream it to your iPhone. I am able to “take” my entire 3000 song library with me wherever I go! It works great!

    I share with family & friends across the country… It has defintiely expanded my music collection… Check it out.

    Also… have you played with Livestrong’s app? Good for tracking calories much like “Lose it!”

    BTW… How did you get screen shots? Just another camera?

  • Greg – I got a 107 on Flight Control once but have never come close again. πŸ™‚

  • How about Pandora? Great app to have. On Flight Control… brace yourselves, 347. Yes, you read that right. 347 I was on a roll and of course I couldn’t see straight after but that’s my score on my iTouch. They give you a break in between 100’s but you really need to concentrate. Woo-hoo!

  • Kassi – WOW! That’s amazing!

    Jeff – I had Evernote when the app store was first released but never used it. It’s worth taking another look?

  • Hey! How did you get those screen shots of my phone? I will keep my office window shut from now on!… πŸ™‚

  • I can’t believe how many apps you have. I found a couple I need to add to my iTouch. I will have to show this to Mark.

  • I have that same bible app on mine but I just downloaded Holy Bible 2.5 by Paul Avery which I like much better. Easier to navigate and I like the daily readings feature much better. FWIW. Thanks for showing your apps. I got a couple of ideas for apps I’d like to have.

  • What version of the Bible do you have as an APP, was there an option of what version? I’m very picky and will only read The New American Bible. I didn’t know that Rosary Army had an app! What does the app do?! Not that I have an iPhone to use the app : )


  • I like Sportacular for an easy app to keep up with all sports teams. Evernote has become more robust in the past few months so check it out again. It’s an easy way to carry your data around with you. For a quick laugh and the boys will love check out iJiggles. I heard the show this morning but had to get into work when you first asked people to call in so I am glad you posted this. Did anyone call in with any good ones?

  • Thanks for sharing! There are also a lot of educational ones you can add that your children may like. For help in sorting through those, check out

    Which is i Education Apps Review.

  • I just got an itouch for my birthday and I couldn’t figure it out. I had to give it to a friend and have him set it up. Unfortunately it wasn’t set up when I got it. Next time I buy something high tech I will have it set up before buying. It was a gift from my parents and they must of thought it was ready to go.

  • Love the Rosary Army online version so I will have to add it to the iTouch. It is a great program and to have it where I can take it with me is awesome.

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