August 5

I hate this commercial



Picture 6This guy finds a junk door and then spends $15 on paint, about $60 on brand new hardware, and then tells his wife he promises he’ll buy her a house.

Not when he’s throwing away $75 on a door that’ll be stuck in their living room for the next 5 years as he saves up for a down payment! And that $75 could have been put towards the house! He should have bought her a card instead.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • I think it’s sweet. Not only does his gesture show he knows of his wife’s dream, he ensures her of his enthusiam as well.
    It’s one of those girl things, Greg!

  • I love this commercial, Greg. It’s a real message of hope and a man’s promise to his wife. Geesh!!!

  • @Barb – Jennifer said the first time she saw it that she thought it was sweet. But when I pointed out what bothered me, she said the same thing Tim said – that I was looking at the commercial through Dave Ramsey’s eye. And then she agreed with me 🙂

  • Sometimes it’s about feeding the soul, Greg. If we were totally logical, there’s a lot of things we’d never do. Forget entertainment, forget fun.

    I’d say this is a powerful, tangible representation of a commitment from the husband to his wife. The commitment the door represents is much, MUCH more powerful than saying it with a card.

    It’s a gesture. But important gestures matter.

  • I’ll agree gestures are important, but I sure hope none of my boys grow up thinking that it’s necessary to pay $75 for gestures! The dude could have made a door out of construction paper and put the money he saved in an envelope. That would have been a better gesture. 🙂

  • Just out of curiosity, I searched on for prices on the stuff the guy would need (yes, this bothered me THIS much) and I was wrong about my original estimate.

    Brass Door Handle – $48
    Door Knocker – $13
    Brass Mail Slot – $30
    Deadbolt – $44
    1/2 Gallon Paint – $30

    So I was wrong in my estimate. It wouldn’t have cost him $75, it would have cost him $165 PLUS the hours of labor when he could have been working a REAL job saving money for the house!

    He should have said at the end, “It’s a promise…I’ll blow our money on gestures.”


  • He should have said at the end, “It’s a promise…I’ll blow our money on gestures.”

    That’s hilarious : D

    I can see Greg’s point in the sense that putting together a door does not a promise make. It is very easy to ignore things that stand in any room for a long time — I can say that about our back bedroom, there have been lots of promises to clean up that room! But we’re used to looking at it so never do anything about it. Making an appointment with a realtor would have been a better — creating a high interest savings account to start saving for a new house would have been better. Making a door is just more clutter for an already small apartment and you learn to dance around it.


  • So then the dream home he plans on them buying isn’t going to have a door?

    He should have put the money toward his down payment, thumbs down.

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