December 13

I thought I wanted a Pop-Tart



I don’t usually eat them. But today, I thought why not relive an old childhood pleasure. My boys love to help themselves to this on some mornings. I have taught them repeatedly about proper food storage. They always respond “Yes Ma’am”. I try to instill the values of being considerate for the person who comes after them. They always respond “Yes Ma’am”. I try to explain how certain foods require sealing from open air. They always respond “Yes Ma’am.” So, behold, the photos will share the results of my stellar parenting techniques.

Mmm-mmm, that tasty breakfast treat.

This can’t be good.

My breakfast dreams begin to fade.

Eeewwwww. I wonder how old this is.

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Jennifer is married to Greg. They have five kids.

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  • I’m kinda glad to see this because we have the same issues (I was beginning to think it was just us), ‘cept with us it’s “I’m sorry” becoming an automatic response rather than a sincere one. Oh, and the ‘no flushing’ rule the kids live by rather than by the rule of FLUSHING-EACH-TIME-RIGHT-AWAY that we have been trying to teach them for the last 8-12 years!!! Shall I go on??

    Keep persevering, guys!!

  • Ours is a box full of baggies, each containing a variety of “pop-tart crusts”. Yes, you didn’t know they had crusts, but now you do. And no, nobody likes to eat the crusts.

  • You can have my Fiber One poptarts!! And they are unopened and untouched. I didn’t really care for the taste. I’ll just hold out for the real thing.

  • I have a snack drawer down low so that the kids can have snacks readily available. Every once in a while I’ll sneak a box of pop tarts in there because they love them so much. When I go back to the drawer, oh say hours after putting in the beloved pop tarts, what do I find? An empty box and a drawer full of silver pop tart envelopes. The trash can is only inches away from the drawer. What is the problem!

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