December 19

If We Were In New York We’d Be Guilty, Too.



I gotta say, we have an awesome crew for The Catholics Next Door, our show on The Catholic Channel.

With today being our last show until the day after Christmas, we’re all in a festive mood, including Jackie (our board operator) and Adam (our producer) up in New York.

They are SO festive, in fact, that they decided to spread the cheer by wrapping the desk that belongs to Jared, the producer on Lino Rulli’s The Catholic Guy (4PM EST M-F).

Now at first, my initial reaction was fear of retribution from Rulli. After all, Gus Lloyd (Seize the Day, 6-10AM EST M-F) recently wrote a parody song about Lino, and Lino retaliated with an entire ALBUM of songs poking fun at Gus.

But then I realized this desk belonged to the same guy that Lino loves to pick on during his show each day, so in fact, The Catholics Next Door were doing him a favor.

Glad to be of service, Lino. I just wish we’d been in the New York studio to wrap the stapler

Below is the final masterpiece.

Merry Christmas, Jarred!

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • There’s an environmentalist crying somewhere over all that wasted wrapping paper … I, however, think that is *AWESOME* and have to laugh heartily that the phone is even wrapped, along with other things I can’t make it. Hilarious! I’d love to see the victim’s gift receiver’s face when he sees his desk!

    PS: Reuse the paper for wrapping gifts ; P

  • Ok, I am a little behind, but I listened to your last show on Rosary Army Podcast. It’s really been an amazing jump in your life, from The Podcast to the satellite radio. It has to be a positive experience for you and your family to have benefits and a regular job schedule on a syndicated radio program!

    Interesting enough, I usual listen to the morning mass from St. Patricks Cathedral in the car and later in the day around lunch time I turn on the car and Sirius is glued to the Catholic Channel. So a few months back I hear your voices on your new show, so I was slightly surprised, but it sure makes sense as a logical progression. Since I have Sirius in the car and don’t listen to Sirius on the internet, you have become an in-motion car listening show. This will take some getting used to.

    I am sorry for those listeners / fans that don’t subscribe to Sirius or XM – so they don’t hear your new show. But i think you gracefully described the situation and opportunity on your last Curtain Call show.

    ps – I enjoyed the Sirius show where the Catholic Guy filled in while Jennifer who was taking one of the kids to the doctor. I liked the chemistry and the discussion was hilarious. And I will have to listen to the Catholic Guy show as well in the future. But for now, I, like many others are making the transition to your new medium and will catch the next show after Christmas!

  • Have a glorious two week break… you deserve it. We’ll miss you but maybe I’ll catch up on some other podcasts I’ve been neglecting. Peace.

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