October 1

Jennifer in the Papal Chair



The main reason we went to New York last week was to record, “A Conversation With The Archbishop,” with Archbishop Timothy Dolan.

The show is actually recorded in the Archbishop’s office in his residence, so we were given a tour of the place.

While there, our boss Joseph Zwilling showed us the reception room where both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI had been received when visiting New York. In the room was a chair reserved for the Holy Father.

Jennifer, curious as always, asked if anyone else ever sat there. Joe saw where she was going with this line of questioning and invited her to take a seat.

So here is Jennifer sitting in the Pope’s chair, reserved just for Popes and apparently my wife.

And here is a picture of us with Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who could not have been a nicer guy. New York is blessed to have him.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Did you ask him about the knotted twine rosary I gave him? I told you when you first got him as Archbishop to ask him about it when/if you saw him. We were in the basement hall of St. Michael’s Church in Beaver Dam WI when he was there for the Mass to close the church. He wasn’t feeling very good that night, so maybe he won’t recall. But as I mentioned before, your Archbishop comes pre-installed with a knotted twine rosary!!

  • Interesting to think about sitting where Popes have sat. Makes me think of going to the Holy Land to see where Jesus lived. It connects us, physically, to these people and events. Jesus really came here in the flesh, here’s the town where He was born, ate, learned, preached. In Rome or Greece, here’s the place where apostles preached, probably died.

    I’ve always wanted to give Jesus a hug. These things help us to remember Jesus’ incarnation, that He’s really human. Although Jesus is not manifestly here except in the Eucharist, he has given us His Spirit, and also has given each other to hug until He comes again.

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