January 27

Leave a Message For The Baby!



We have a new voicemail line for The Catholics Next Door. The number is 1-646-313-2086

In the event Jennifer actually goes into labor during the show, we’re going to see how long we can continue to broadcast, even if it means doing it remotely by phone.

Should be a lot of fun, at least for you as a listener. Not sure if Jennifer will think it’s as much fun, being in labor.

In the event we need to go to break, or even if we want to do something different prior to labor, we’ve set up a voicemail line that you can use to call in and leave your messages for the baby.

You can give the baby advice on how to deal with her new parents, you can give advice to me and and Jennifer, or just say whatever you want (within reason, of course).

So if you’d like to leave a message for us or for the baby that might be played on The Catholics Next Door, call now. Of course, since Jennifer is now three days past her due date, you might want to call that number right now!

Here it is again: 1-646-313-2086.

And in case you didn’t hear them on The Catholics Next Door, here are some messages our baby girl has left for us via “Messages From The Womb”:

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Greg & Jennifer,

    I just listened to the 4 messages from the womb and the baby birth broadcast system, and wanted to give you some feedback: ~that was a very funny segment!
    (since I don’t have access to the catholic channel, I can’t listen to you guys on the catholics next door, but wish I could, so I was wondering if you guys could put other brief segments from your show on your site!
    Thanks ~ and congratulations on the new baby! ~ Both of you, your family, and your new baby girl are in my prayers ~ May your new baby girl be healthy.
    Keep up the great work that you both are doing on the radio show~and also with Rosary Army!


  • All credit for those segments goes to our producer Adam Hamway and our board operator Jackie Resciniti. They rock!

  • I listened to those on your show and laughed hysterically, especially about her not liking Star Wars. And how does a Georgia girl get that accent? LOL.

  • Jennifer I was always told when you can no longer laugh, talk, walk or joke through a contraction it was time to head to the hospital! and I must say it was ACCURATE!!!

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