December 13

Live Eggnog Tasting on CND



Once I made the discovery that Greg never had eggnog, I knew I had to take advantage of this opportunity. What a perfect time to taste it live on the air.  I made sure he was good and ready.  He knew the history, the flavor choices, etc.

Here Greg is about to taste his very first sip of eggnog (non-alcoholic) live on the air.


A big thank you to Greg for being a good sport over the whole thing and for giving me a hearty laugh and a great photo op. I’ll need to come up with other live food and drink taste testings for him :).


We did learn that Jody, our dog, had no problem finishing off Greg’s unwanted beverage.

About the author 


Jennifer is married to Greg. They have five kids.

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  • You DON’T LIKE EGGNOG?????!!!! Wow!!! To me that’s like not liking ice cream or…or…eggnog! Its only the most wonderful stuff since chocolate milk! I used to drink GALLONS of the stuff as a kid, Mom couldn’t keep the frig stocked fast enough…

  • Hmmm… You don’t like eggnog? I was under the understanding that EVERYBODY likes eggnog! Anyway, you’re better off without it. High fat content. Not good for you. That’s probably exactly why I DO like it! 😉

  • I agree with most of what Mickey said. Eggnog is a whole lot better tasting than chocolate milk. Eggnog was a seasonal beverage around my house as a kid but it was always eagerly greeted!

  • I can remember 2 times I’ve grimaced like Greg when tasting something containing protein. The first time I was a preteen who had just been served oyster stew for the first time. I made the mistake of chewing an oyster releasing a vile liquid from the oyster’s body. The other time, I started scrambling the last eggs I had in my apartment and poured about 3 tablespoons of pepper into the eggs by accident. It’s easy to make cooking mistakes when you’re as tired and hungry as I was then. Since I was so hungry, I took one bite of the over-peppered eggs. This was the only time I couldn’t finish my own cooking!

    I don’t think you could get Greg to try over-peppered scrambled eggs but what do you think about oyster stew?

  • What in the world is wrong with you! I look forward to the holiday season just so I can have a glass of eggnog every night. Boy will I have to diet soon.

  • That was my reaction the first time I tried it in high school. My taste buds have since changed and I really enjoy a good cup of Egg Nog with a shot of Kahlua. If the Nog is too thick try the low fat version. Tasty 🙂

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