Loopholes – The Official Cereal of The Catholics Next Door

Ever looking for a quick excuse to get out of something? Need to quickly avoid following Church teaching? Well now there’s a delicious new Loopholes (TM) Cereal! The Official Cereal of The Catholics Next Door!*

Mmm, mmm…tasty!

Thanks to our guests from the past couple of days:

*DISCLAIMER: Confessions not included. The Catholics Next Door take no responsibility if you do something stupid to avoid doing what you’re supposed to. Because this is a ridiculous day and age where some people take things too seriously, this is a complete joke and we highly recommend you don’t bother looking for loopholes to get out of Catholic teachings. Those teachings are good for you. Get used to it.

Posted by Greg
October 28, 2008
  • Marc says:

    I thought they only served this one at the cafeteria.

  • Jim says:

    That’s what they serve on Capitol Hill! They can’t get their fill of ’em!

  • Dawn says:

    HA, love it! Posted a link on my blog. : )

  • I just want the free Lino bobble head ; )

  • Pat Padley says:

    It was nice chatting with you on the show last week! Now I just want to know when you all are going to make the Loopholes commercial? I can’t wait to know what the nutritional value is. Where can I get my own box? Ha ha.

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