Louis de Wohl – Awesome Catholic Author

http://earthstation1.simplenet.com(Originally posted on 4/29/09) On today’s show we mentioned books by Louis de Wohl. If you love well-written fiction, read these. But know that they’re actually historical (true) books written like fictional novels. Here are ones we’ve read and recommend, but there are many others he wrote that are available:

Posted by Greg
August 28, 2009
  • Shelly Rose says:

    Today, Jennifer mentioned a favorite catholic fiction author, but I did not remember the name. Would you pass on the name of the author? We are trying to add more catholic books to my children’s school library (St. Patrick Catholic School-Parsons, Kansas) and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Peace and Blessings, Shelly Rose

  • Greg says:

    Hi Shelly,

    Here are the books Jennifer mentioned:


    Also, this weekend I just finished the latest book in the John Paul 2 High School series. I wish those were around when I was younger.

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