February 1

Meet Lily Live on uStream



We just did a quick 5 minutes or so Live on uStream to show everyone Lily via streaming video. If you missed it, here is a recording:
Streaming .TV shows by Ustream

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Hooray, Happy Birthday Lily…now Mom and Dad go get some sleep this evening while you can….enjoy the new baby and your wonderful family…and treasure this moment of time. God Bless

  • Lily (love the name) is GORGEOUS! Congratulations. Jennifer you look great and I can tell your itching to get right back into the swing of things. My youngest (#6) is now 9 months and I like to say she was just a “bump in the road”. By four days old she was off to a brother’s baseball game and life barely slowed down.

  • hmmm The video won’t play 🙁 I’m sure she is beautiful judging from the pictures. Any suggestions from anyone on why it won’t play?

  • Oh my gosh!!! She’s beautiful and big!!!! No wonder she wants to stretch so much, she’s been cooped up for soooooooooooo long!! Congratulations, I know all of you are thankful that she and Mama made it here safe, I know that I am! Happy birthday Princess Lily!

    Donna 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing, it was great! I’m glad to see that you all are doing so well after that long wait! How could Jody not be jealous with a beautiful daughter like that? 😉

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