January 13

Mid-show Doodle



I’m a doodler. Always have been and always will be.
Sometimes during the broadcast each day, I draw things that I don’t even remember drawing.

I’ve had teachers in the past who were amused by my drawing during class and others who would be driven crazy by it.

I’ve always found that in some situations, doodling helps me to concentrate.

During today’s show, I suddenly realized I was drawing Jennifer. By the end of the show, I was done.

Not a spot on drawing, but if our lives were cartoons, I imagine Jennifer would look like this.

Click through to see the drawing next to the model. 🙂

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Hey Greg,

    I’m the same way – as a matter of fact, in high school it really made my English teacher fume! Here I was doodling away and then he’d spring a question on me and even though it looked like I wasn’t paying attention, I had the answer to his question immediately! It drove him nuts! He also confiscated most of my notebooks just to get back at me. Funny thing, many, many years later I met him at parents/teachers night as he was my daughters teacher. He didn’t know I was her mom because of different names but when I told him he instantly remembered & asked if I’d become an artist. I took the opportunity to thank him for being the best teacher I ever had – even if he was tough!

  • re: “but if our lives were cartoons”

    As a once and future cartoonist, that could be the difference in our perspectives. I think our lives ARE cartoons.

  • The very fact that you are doodling your wife and did such an *awesome* job at it … that is SO SWEET! I love the doodle!! I just think that is so sweet : )

    Now, in your doodle Jennifer had shorter hair than she really does … so does that mean that you’re ready for her to get a hair cut or did I miss that she already did? ; )


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