January 31

More Pics of Lily



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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Hey~ Congratulations! I hope that you are all doing well, and speedy recovery, and may God bless you all, and especially your new arrival Lily!

  • Hooray – she is absolutely perfect!! Hope Jennifer is feeling well and that the boys are having fun with their new sister. Prayers and hugs,

  • Congratulations!!! May the Lord Bless your family of 7. When do the boys get to meet her? What is the middle name?

  • WOW she is beautiful. I found your radio show on XM and have been “checking in” to your website for the last couple weeks. very cool place.
    Those screaming pitures of Lily bring back memories (not that long ago!!)

    Use family, get sleep….glad everybody is doing well!!

  • Congratulations on little Lily Grace! She is sooo cute! Now Jennifer has some backup to keep the Willits men in line ;). Is there a hint of Eggplant Parmesan lingering in the air?

  • Congratulations from the Netherlands Willits family! She’s absolutely adorable. Love the name too. What a wonderful family for a child to be born into.
    God bless you all!


  • I love the pictures : D

    From bottom to top, this is what Lily is thinking/crying about.

    1.) It’s cold out here!
    2.) 4 brothers?! I thought that was a joke!
    3.) Oo. I have my own room? Downstairs? Okay! : )
    4.) Hi Daddy : )
    5.) All that crying has made me sleepy!

    : ) Such a blessing!

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