September 16

More Weaponry From Sam. This Time With LEGOs.



Sam and Walt have somehow come down with strep throat – AGAIN. I think we just need to give Walt antibiotics every day along with his Flintstone’s vitamin.

Unlike when I got strep as a kid and felt completely miserable, Sam and Walt somehow always feel great when they get strep. I don’t understand it.

We refused to let them spend the entire day watching television or playing video games, and they’ve read just about all the comic books they’ve got, so somehow they got on a kick of playing with LEGO bricks.

Usually, this is Ben’s thing.  As a matter of fact, we just keep most of the LEGO bricks in his room, and that’s where Sam and Walt spent most of their time today while Jennifer were broadcasting the show.

Did they make super fast cars like I did as a kid?  No.

Did they make uber cool space ships?  Actually, Walt did (with Sam’s help).

What did Sam spend most of his time on?  Very well designed weapons, of course.

If he doesn’t become a priest, I think engineering is in his future.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • My 22 year old son, Stephen, still has all his Legos and when at college, he would play with them with his friends. He had friends, all brothers, who had a whole room of their huge house devoted to Legos, and it was called the Lego Room. They made amazing things together and had a blast doing it.

    Stephen still gets a little Lego package in his Christmas stocking every year.

    Long live Legos!

  • Keep them coming Sam! Hey, I’m “thirty-Hmmm, hmmmm”, and have my own collection of (original AND prequel) Star Wars LEGOS. Hoping to pass them on to my son when he’s old enough to know NOT to eat them, and to be able to use his imagination as you have!

    My best to all SEVEN Willits members! 😀

    Pax Vobiscum,

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