October 20

New Couch, Jennifer’s Drink, and Links a Lot



This morning I’m sitting on our brand new sectional sofa. We’re loving this thing. We actually have enough room now that the whole family can have a seat in the living room. It’s quite comfortable.

While I’m working away, Jennifer comes in carrying a cup of froo-froo coffee.

She’s quite proud.

She took a normal cup of coffee, sprayed whipped cream on the top, and then sprinkled cinnamon on it. Cinnamon in coffee just doesn’t sound right to me.

She was so happy with her creation she wanted a picture of it. From the angle I took the photo, it looks like Jody is sitting on top of her drink.

Since we had the camera out, Jennifer took a picture of me working on show prep while sitting on our new sectional sofa. Did I mention we’re loving this thing? Pretty sure I did, but again, we’re loving this thing.

As evidenced in the next picture, plenty of room, even when a guy like me is taking up a considerable amount of space.

And lastly, this photo was for Jackie, our phone screener/board operator/and occasional producer. She’s producing our show while Adam Hamway, our regular producer, is traipsing around Syria (yes, Syria) for the next couple of weeks.

During the program today, Jody our dog kept whimpering, begging for attention. Jackie wanted to see what Jody looked like, so here’s the picture I took and sent to her.

Shortly after the program, Jody puked up grass on our carpet.

Also, in case you didn’t write down some of the recent links to stuff we’ve talked about, here are some recent things we’ve mentioned on The Catholics Next Door:

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • I love the couch. Looks so comfortable. I see you’re still wearing shorts…we’re expecting snow flurries this week 🙁

  • I’ve been downloading Fr. Jack’s homilies from iTunes. I love hearing him speak. Didn’t know there was a web site.

    I love cinnamon on coffee. Nice sofa!


  • Next time, Jennifer – add a splash of vanilla and some chocolate syrup to the coffee, too. Yum! We moms can’t be traipsing to Starbucks every day, now can we??

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