January 15

Nine Days Left: Diaper Changing Practice



We figured it was time to break out the monkey for some good old diaper changing practice. My mother gave our soon-to-be born diaper a stuffed monkey for Christmas, so we used that for practice. It’s always a little shocking to be reminded of just how small newborn diapers are.

This little girl is still very active in my womb and I wonder if it’s possible for her to remain this active even when I eventually go into labor.

The big question is will this baby girl come early, on time or dare I say “late”? Here’s my delivery history:

Sam was born 1 week early.

Walt came 2 weeks early, but was induced, so who knows when he would have come.

Ben was 2-3 days early.

Tom was on time.

Any predictions?

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Jennifer is married to Greg. They have five kids.

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  • Toy monkeys usually come in boxes, but I don’t think real babies do. Oops – commenter was talking about the diapers!

  • She gave your “soon-to-be born DIAPER” a monkey? I guess that’s better than Jennifer giving birth to a monkey. 🙂

  • I think she will be on time or 1 day late. Our baby here is very active too. I just watch my tummy morph into all sorts of weird shapes. I am so not prepared for her that I wouldn’t mind if she were a little late.

    Here’s to strong healthy babies who don’t make their mommies wait too long!

  • I’m with Inge, since this is a time for a lot of firsts.

    I’m guessing the girl will be late by either a few hours or 2 days max.

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