June 3

Our Producer on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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hamwayfallonOn Friday’s show our producer Adam Hamway saw a Twitter alert (by the way way – you can follow Jennifer and me on Twitter, as well) from comedian Jimmy Fallon from Late Night on NBC.

Anyway, according to the Twitter alert, Jimmy announced he’d be in Times Square looking for people who could do impressions of famous people.

Adam does several. In fact, he regularly will appear on our show as various political figures and other celebrities, including the Easter Bunny!

Well, Adam ditched our show on Friday since it was starting at exactly the same time that Jimmy Fallon was looking for people, but he called in from Times Square as he was waiting.

Apparently, Jimmy Fallon challenged Adam on just about every name Adam had on his list of impersonations and it seems he made quite an impression on Mr. Fallon.

Last night, they aired all of the different impersonations from various people on the streets of New York and Adam was shown three times. At the end of the segment, as they went to break, Jimmy said in regards to Adam, “That one guy was incredible. We’ll have to work with him again.”

Needless to say, I imagine Adam’s spirits are probably soaring this morning.

Congrats to Adam. Here’s the video of Adam on last night’s show:

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  • I thought Adam was great. The interview over the phone was awesome the day Adam did the impressions for Jimmy. I wish Adam all the best in everything he does.

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