November 26

Plea Bargain



This week Ben and Tom have been fighting and yelling a lot this week. As a result, the strikes have been adding up against them for Family Fun Night. Sam and Walt have earned zero strikes, but Ben and Tom have been racking them up left and right.

As a team, the boys have 30 potential chances over the course of the week to lose Family Fun Night.  Anytime they do something we don’t like, or they don’t do something they’re supposed to, they’ll get a strike on a chart we keep on the fridge.  That’s basically one strike per kid per day.

Last night Tom and Ben used up 4 in less than 5 minutes.

So now, with Family Fun night at risk at less than 15 strikes remaining before Friday, this morning Sam presented me with the fancy schmancy document you see in this picture.  It was titled, “The Family Fun Night Compromise” and reads as follows:

On Nov. 28th, is the next Family Fun Night.  If Ben and Tom keep getting striks(sic), it will not happen.  So I subject that if they strik (sic) out, and me and Walter don’t get any the whole week, Ben and Tom will go to bed and me and Walter will have family fun night.  But if we get any, then no fun for anyone.

He tried to get us to sign it.  But considering that their brothers often fight and do other stupid stuff right in front of the older brothers, and the older brothers rarely try to stop them, this “compromise” would go against the spirit of teamwork Jennifer and I are trying to foster.

In other words, Sam, tough luck. 🙂

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Nice try, Sam. I give you points for elegance and cleverness. Of course, my points don’t count for anything, but I admire your resolve.

    You would have been great as a negotiator during the Pilgrim’s time. How do you look with buckles on your shoes?

  • Wow, I bought the whole thing. Then again I’m a softy. Sam maybe a cash incentive? You might be eligible for a bailout the way the Gov is handing out money now.

  • Oh man… I must admit. I like the way this boy thinks! Very shrewd. 😉 It’s good to know that mom and dad are more shrewd and can see right through this attempt (awesome as it was) at compromise. Sometimes the end does not justify the means. Mom and Dad know best. Period.

    Excellently played on both parts. Now here’s hoping that Ben and Tom will be perfect angels over the next few days and family night can continue as usual. For the sake of the whole family. 😉 It’s my guess that Mom and dad don’t want to lose family night any more than the kids do!!! Good luck!

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