January 30

Popple Just Keeps Getting Better



Okay, first off, if you’ve never heard any music from Popple, stop right now and go to their website.

Because the baby girl STILL hasn’t shown up, we loaded up the kids and headed up to Lawrenceville, Georgia tonight to go see a live Popple concert.

Just have to say, The CDs are great, but Popple in concert is even better.

At the moment they are performing “Binary” and Sam and Walt are up near the stage mixing it up with all the other youth.

It was a long drive here to St. Lawrence’s, but what a great distraction for all of us as we wait for the baby girl.

And seriously, Dan and Kyle, you guys just keep getting better.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • I really enjoy Popple too! And I heard of them from your former Rosary Army Catholic Podcast! (sad that its no longer on the show:(
    I brought on the iTunes music store a few of their songs (“Forever Yours” and “Peanut Butter Sandwhiches”)

    And, there is a new great christian artist, named Amanda Vernon, that I heard an interview on Lisa Hendey’s Catholic Moment Podcast from this past week… Go over there and check that out, if you haven’t done so already! ~ I just had to download a couple of her songs!

    Inspirational Christian Music Is My All-Time FAVORITE Genre to listen to, and probably the most out of that genre is on my iTunes library and my iPod!

    Keep up the great work ~ I love hearing about you guys through your entry’s here on your site, since I don’t have The Catholic Channel (but I wish I did).

    Busted Halo, The Busted Halo Cast, and The Busted Halo Show w/ Fr. Dave Dwyer’s segments, and Fr. Dave Dwyer’s Podcast of his homilies are great!

  • Greg and Jennifer,
    Maybe this means since your precious little girl hasn’t been born yet, that labor will be quick and easy. Obviously she is not fully cooked yet and ready to come out. I hope you have her by monday. Good luck and God Bless!

  • Great to see you guys tonight (or last night technically). I can’t wait to see what happens with the little girl (who I will call “Maria”). I am seriously going to be glued to this blog for updates!

    I hope we get to come to check out the new studio sometime. Until then – you got me hungry for some eggplant!

    (PS, I will not be eating eggplant to induce labor, but just because it is purple).

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