November 19

Quitting Stuff Is Hard



Today we had some ISDN trouble again so right as we were about to start today’s broadcast, we were brought to a screeching halt.

Apparently AT&T was having problems on their end again, but they also suspect something might be wrong on our end, too, so they’re heading out to fix the problem.

In the meantime, Jennifer and I decided to do something we’ve been trying to do for almost two weeks now and that is to record an episode of our Rosary Army Catholic Podcast.

The RA Podcast is what got us into this business in the first place almost 4 years ago. We’ve officially been running the Rosary Army apostolate since March of 2003, but it was the podcast that took us in so many different directions.

And today we recorded the very last RA Podcast. With the radio show on Sirius 159/XM 117 along with our quickly expanding family, after a lot of painstaking prayer, we’ve realized the time has come to bring the show to a proper close.

It was an incredibly sad thing for us to do, and Jennifer and I even got choked up a couple times, but hopefully the apostolate will continue to grow strong without the podcast.

Thanks to all of you who have supported the podcast over the years through your prayers and other means. We can’t tell you how much we’ve appreciated it.

You can check out the last episode here.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Happy trails to both of you and thank you for all of the effort you put into SQPN and your pod cast. I will miss listening but at least XM has the Catholic Channel now! God Bless both of you, your children and parents.

  • Hey guys.

    I guess this explains the rerun show today?

    I was REALLY looking forward to Scot McKnight. Will you reschedule him on the show?

    We are longtime SQPN, Rosary Army and now Catholics Next Door fans on Sirius. I also have a loose relationship with Scot McKnight from when he visited our church to speak a couple of years ago. I assume you would be talking about his book, “The Real Mary” which I have read and often recommend to Protestants who are overly critical Mary’s role in Catholic understanding and worship.

  • Sell out! I appreciate the effort, but to go away to a pay only model sucks. Thanks for nothing… Another “christian” selling out to make a buck. Way to go!!!

  • Good luck with your new endeavours. I fully understand your reasons why you stop doing the podcasts. Your (soon even larger) family has to come first.

    Nonetheless I am a little disappointed that the RA podcast is history now (meaning I will miss it a lot). I will not follow you on XM/Sirus because I don’t like closed/paid models. I have donated in the past to support your great work for the new media network SQPN. And you delivered the fantastic “That Catholic Show” and the podcast plus everything else you did in 2006, 2007 and the first half of 2008. Now that you have stopped working with SQPN (for good reasons, I understand) I probably will not donate to RA but directly to SQPN.

    All the best and God bless your family.

  • JC – Greg and Jennifer have sacrificed a lot for this podcast, for SQPN and for Rosary Army. Who are you to say that their work on the RA podcast is not enough?

    To Greg and Jennifer, I say “well done!”

    Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the faith. We love you both.

  • Greg & Jennifer…
    Best of luck to you and your family. I still haven’t had a chance to listen to the last episode… in a way, I don’t want to. Like many other listeners, RA was one of the first podcasts I started listening to way back when. It will be greatly missed but maybe there will be an XM or Sirius radio membership under the tree this year! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Please stay in touch with the rest of us in the outside world on Twitter & Plurk. I’m sure I’m not alone in considering you as friends.
    I’m so glad Jane and I had the opportunity to meet you in Steubenville this past year!

    Continued blessings…

  • Marc – I am not saying they haven’t sacrificed… I’m just saying like many successful “Christians” they jumped at an opportunity that closed their “ministry” off from many to join paid radio. Here are my cynical questions:

    – When will they announce the book deal?
    – What about selling “study” materials?
    – When do they move? I’m guessing it won’t be long until they “move on up…”

    One of the most successful careers today is the evangelist who has access to an open mic.

  • Hello Greg and Jennifer,

    I gotta tell ya, I choked up a little bit when I got the word that today’s episode of the Rosary Army podcast would be the last. I suspected something like this might happen when you told us about the new job with Sirius, and the RA podcasts became increasingly infrequent, however. I am sad, but I understand. I recently started a new job myself, and that has required a lot of adjustment. Every major change in life brings a host of little changes that you might not expect.

    Let me tell you a little bit about what the RA podcast has meant to me. When I found your show, I was going through a real crisis of faith. My Dad had just died of cancer, I had developed serious chronic health problems of my own, and a precious personal relationship had ended abruptly. I was angry at God and scared to death. Why was he allowing these terrible things to happen to me? What else was going to happen?

    One of the few things that kept me from telling God where to stick it was the beauty of Catholic devotions such as the Rosary. Then when I heard your show, featuring two young Catholics who sounded like people I’d enjoy hanging out with, and who were excited about their faith, and who were trying to trust God throughout their own heartaches I decided that maybe there was something to this Catholic stuff , after all. Your show helped me rebuild my faith and become a better Catholic. Thank you. I will miss those few minutes a week (or every couple of weeks) sitting out around the virtual kitchen table hearing you talk about the Catholic faith and how it relates to what is going on in your lives. Like Jennifer, I too will miss Captain Catechism and Merry Medal, but I trust that they will keep up the fight against the likes of Lex Lustor, Frenchie Ramada, and Dr. Und Believer :). It’s been fun.

    Please, please, pretty please, keep us posted on the pregnancy and do let us know when the first ever Willits girlie arrives. I trust you will put pictures up on the website, and that she will be just as pretty as her mama.

    Please be assured that you have my continued prayers and best wishes for success in all your endeavors. I will continue to support Rosary Army at a minimal level as long as my finances permit (money is tight for me too these days), but I really can’t justify satellite radio right now. Sorry, guys. I’m sending out virtual hugs to everybody [[[Greg]]], {{{{Jennifer}}}, {{{{{Walt}}}, {{{Ben}}}, {{{Sam}}}}, and {{{Tommy}}}.

    God Bless,

  • Bummer. Yeah having to pay to hear your message is rough but I am glad you guys have “made” it. I do we will get to see that “that catholic show” episode. Best of luck!

  • Iโ€™m sorry, but your comments are simply implying that people are not allowed to excel in life and make the best of themselves. I will have you know that it is very hard to get into the radio industry and for Greg and Jennifer to accomplish such an achievement is a huge success. Not to mention that they do have their boys and one very lucky girl on the way, this โ€˜paid radioโ€™ is a good thing for such a large and blessed family. Greg and Jennifer are good people who have done a lot and are very hard workers Iโ€™m sure. I think congrats and good luck is in order here rather than a put down. They deserve this.

    I guess weโ€™ll just have to agree to disagree, itโ€™s a shame you cant seem to agree though ( ;


  • Thank You! I really enjoyed the RA podcasts and will miss them but I understand the reason for what you had to do. Don’t listen to the negatives, you know what is best for your family and that is the bottom line. SQPN would not be where it is today without your hard work and dedication. I have listened to every RA podcast and was entertained and educated, you did a great job. Keep up the great work you do on satellite. God bless you two and your family, you will be missed.
    Greg Mann
    Temecula, CA
    P.S. It was good meeting you at the first Podcast awards in Ontario, CA a few years back.

  • To JC,

    Lighten up, dude! In case you weren’t aware, Greg and Jennifer have a growing family to support, and growing families have financial obligations. If Greg and Jennifer can derive a regular income and health benefits from doing work they love (Catholic evangelization), why shouldn’t they do it? I too am sorry they won’t be doing the RA podcast any longer, but sometimes life requires us to make choices we didn’t expect. Please try and be charitable. You don’t know all the circumstances.

  • As mentioned before I am fine with Greg and Jennifer going to the paid Sirus/XM radio – although I really will miss the RA podast. Everything comes to an end eventually and I really hope they will be very successful.

    Satellite radio (being old media in a sense) is just not for me because it is very unflexible (as far as I understand it). I really prefer podcasts since they are time and location free and I don’t have to buy into a closed eco system.

    Just my 2c.

  • Thank you Greg and Jennifer for all you have done for your listeners and the Church. I am happy that God has given you a larger audience and at the same time a way to support your family.

    I’m one of the ones that will miss you most because I will not be able to hear any of the radio shows. But I know that you will be spreading the good word and doing God’s will.

    Thanks again .. and many blessings to you and the entire family.

    Lavona Rann

  • Many of us have grown to know & love the Willets family through the Rosary Army podcast and now the Catholics Next Door. You have shared some much with us, it’s like catching up with out of town family. With over 20 years of marathon & ultramarathon experience, I felt more excited with Greg’s marathon podcast & video than any marathon I’ ve personaly done.

    Like any family friend we are so proud of you. With the new radio show you now reach more audience & care for your family at the same time. Our 11yo son always thought Jennifer was a famous movie actress but was disappointed about not finding any other movies on Netflix. Well now he can hear you on national radio show. Who knows maybe feature films are just a season away.

    God bless you with peace & love.

  • So I have not listened to the last episode yet and may put that off for awhile. But I think this is something many people saw coming but that doesn’t make it any less sad. For a long time the podcast has been a part of my life and has led me to more fully understand many teachings of the churches. I wish you both and your families the best. I also wonder if you have thought about posting parts of the show as podcast much like Fr.Dave does over at busted halo. I’m not sure how much work that would involve.
    I’m sure we all look forward to updates via twitter and the website. God bless

  • Maybe I am a bit harsh or cynical, but my comments stand. I know they have a growing family as I am a listener to RA. I also got the distinct impression when the pay-to-play format was introduced that they ensured that they would still be able to provide free content to the community they developed. At this point, I feel abandoned and am pissed.

    I always felt that worst case scenario was that they would hand the RA moniker to new host(s), but would still be an active part of their ministry. I guess the RA community wasn’t that important now that they have a paid audience.

  • Greg & Jennifer,

    iTunes is downloading the last episode of the RA podcast as I type & I’m sad to see such a legacy come to a close. I could kind of tell it was coming, probably even before you announced your new job, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I’ve learned so much from you both, including, of course, how to make rosaries & that’s what it was all about. I wish you both all the best & I hope that you’ll at least record a little something when Baby Girl Willits makes her arrival & put it out on the RA feed for those of us who aren’t able to listen to the radio show.

    God bless you both!

  • Thanks for all the kind words, folks, and I suppose even the unkind ones.

    I just know that I’m sleeping a lot better this November than I have the past two Novembers now that we actually have health insurance and I know we’ll be able to pay our mortgage in January.

    With a new daughter due in two months, and given the way the economy was going, I was not prepared to put our family’s safety on the line for a third year. If we’re able to avoid paying $22,000 in health costs like we did last year, then call us a sell out, that’s fine. But the cost of having this baby girl just went from costing us six thousand dollars out of our own pockets down to $500 because we now have group insurance through our job. Again, JC can call us sell outs, but I’m fairly certain he wouldn’t be offering to pay that bill for us.

    Oh, and for the record, we took a pay cut for this job, I’ve been trying to get a book deal since 2001, and we’ve been trying to move for the past five years but apparently God doesn’t want us going anywhere, so we’re staying put.

    But the security in knowing my family will be taken care of can’t be beat.

    As far as Rosary Army, don’t forget that the ministry was around for two years before the podcast was even launched. The core of Rosary Army is making, praying, and giving away Rosaries. That’s still the case. That’s not stopping.

    But for the first time in four years, we’ve decided to spend our nights and weekends with our children and focus on our first vocation as a family.

  • Thanks again for all what you have done. And no need to defend yourself. It is your decision and I fully agree that family always has to come first.

  • Well, you have lost one listener. Not because of choice, but because I am not in the position to pay for radio or even cable. I will be starting my fourth job in 5 years in December and moving my family a fourth time. Even with group insurance, my first daughter’s health care costs have been a challenge.

    As to your ministry, how much growth occurred once the podcast took off? Hmm… Everyone I know wouldn’t even have known of its existence without the RA podcast. You should recognize that this became a key outreach for you. You see through the messages the people that relied on your ministry’s podcasts to get through trying times. Do not diminish this service… For some, it has been more important than making and giving out rosaries.

    This is the primary reason it aggravates me because no succession was considered or planned for those that you have helped through podcasting. You seem too focused on a piece of twine than continuing a great ministry.

  • Dear Greg and Jennifer,

    What news to come home to at the end of the day!

    I will dearly miss your podcast, but will continue to find news on your family via your website. One day I might subscribe to satellite radio, but for now I’ll just save a few of my favorite episodes and call it a day (time to catch up on all those early ones I missed!).

    If sacrificing the RA podcast allows you both to be better parents to your children and better spouses to each other – your primary vocations from God, after all – then we your listeners cannot ask more of you. We were lucky to have you this long, and you are not obligated to stay the same for our sakes – life goes on. I hope those who are upset can find a little peace knowing that you are following God’s plan for you, and who knows what’s best better than Him?

    Keep well and God bless. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I appreciate all the work too. Hey- they’ve been podcasting as long as I’ve been Catholic and they helped me discern into the seminary! They taught me you can be Catholic and still be normal. I was a bit choked up too, since I’m a poor seminarian and can’t afford XM…but like they said, it has served its purpose and its time to move on.

    God bless you guys, and THANK YOU FOREVER for the show.

  • come on JC. Christians don’t talk like that about each other. Greg and Jennifer are wonderful people. Don’t bash them until you’ve lived a day in their life. You don’t know what it’s like. They’ve obviously put a lot of prayer and thought into their decision… maybe you should do the same before you just go ahead and publicly bash them man.

    Greg and Jennifer, you guys are such great gifts to so many people. Forget the bad comments because you truly have been a blessing and the Lord is taking you to new places with new opportunities. God Bless you guys. Ben and my prayers and thoughts are with you.

  • Dear Greg and Jennifer,

    I wanted to express my sincere admiration and appreciation for introducing me not only to RA but to Catholic podcasts in general. God put y’all in my life at a time when I was relearning my faith, and your podcast was a springboard. RA has taught me much about ministry, stewardship, and living my Catholic faith daily. So much so in fact, that your witness helped me to start The ManlyCatholic Podcast. I could never have found the courage to do it, if not for your opening of your lives to us like you have. I’m sad and ecstatic for y’all at the same time. God is truly continuing to bless your lives. It has been an honor to work on That Catholic Show with y’all. My prayers are with y’all as we enter Advent. God Bless.

    Doug Mumphrey

  • Hugs to both of you and so many thanks for the countless hours of inspiration, good humor, encouragement and spiritual role modeling the two of you have been in my life. Words simply can’t express the tremendous benefits I’ve seen in my own life from listening to the two of you and walking my own spiritual path in the company of you and our entire SQPN community.

    Thank you for opening your hearts and your home to us for the past few years. My prayers for you and your work will continue and may God richly bless your beautiful family!

    One of your biggest fans,

  • Thanks for everything. You will be missed on my I-Pod, but I’m so glad you’ll have the chance to touch others through satellite radio. Gob Bless & keep everyone up to date on Baby Girl Willits.

  • Thank you, Greg & Jennifer, for your groundbreaking work with Rosary Army. Our Lord accomplished something wonderful through you with that, just as He is now on radio. I pray that St. Max Kolbe – another media innovator – will ask our Lord to supply even greater success with each new endeavor he takes you on. Rosary Army was among my first podcasts, and one I will remember fondly. Perhaps in ten years you can do a reunion episode, like all those classic rock bands.

  • Greg and Jennifer,

    Well, you two just ROCK! I am so thankful that I found your podcast and I hope they will all be archived since I want to take my time and revisit them all again and maybe yet again.

    You have been a blessing to this podcast community and will be an even bigger blessing to the world of radio. There are so many more people who can now benefit from what it is that you two do!

    Please know that 99% of us are behind you all the way and for those poor few souls who are feeling abandoned, we will pray for them because that is what RA podcast listeners do.

    I have been out of work since March but I will continue to support the important work of Rosary Army. I know that your rosaries are more than just a piece of twine. Lives are touched by those rosaries and hearts are changed!

    God bless and Good luck!

  • You are so blessed to work in Catholic evangelization full-time w/benefits. I am so happy for your family. I have not listened to the last RA podcast yet but was not surprised to see it come.

    When I got my first iPod in March, yours was the first podcast I subscribed to. I knew you from the Rosary Army booth at our annual Eucharistic Congress. Through your podcast, I discovered Fr. Roderick and the Daily Breakfast – then the SQPN network. I’ve been truly blessed. I know that God will continue to richly bless you.

    Take care and enjoy lots of family time ๐Ÿ™‚


  • WOW guys!! :-O What news my wife Sue just hit me with!! I haven’t even listened to #244 yet, only ’cause it’s taking forever on iTunes to download! Like the concensus of feedback you have received so far, I only wish you well, sad as it is, I COMPLETELY understand. Your podcast has been like a lighthouse for me, steering me clear of any jagged rocks, helping me keep my moral compass in check. For that, I will be “eternally” (literally!) grateful! If we never meet in this life, I hope you’ll look for me on the other side! I’ll shoot a quick e-mail out to you when I’m done leaving these comments!

    Hope your new endeavours take you “Up. . .UP. . . and AWAY!!”



  • God Bless you both and your family!

    I’m sad for the podcast to go but such is life. God opens and closes doors all the time. It is up to us to follow Him anywhere and not dwell on the closed doors.

    RA podcast was the first podcast I ever listened to when I received my first iPod as a gift. It will always have a special place in my heart.

    I keep looking at the Catholic Channel subscription but haven’t taken the plunge yet. My new job has kept me so busy, I’m having trouble keeping up with my regular podcasts.

    Thank you for the many uplifting moments and I intend to keep in touch through our many social networks and maybe I’ll even see you on the Catholic Channel one day.

    In Christ,
    Pam Houk

  • Greg & Jennifer –

    Thanks for sharing your life with us for the past few years. You were faithful to God in your work with the podcast & spending the last few years full-time with SQPN, now He’s being faithful to you by allowing you to continue your apostlate and do better by your family. Congratulations! You’ll be missed, but I’m glad things are working out like this for you.

    And if anybody e-mails you to give you status – just copy-and-paste this: Pbtttttt!

  • I thought it said quilting. Quilting is hard to do! I wish you had taken up quilting instead of quitting. Maybe someone could make you a rosary army quilt and then you would record another episode just to say thank you.

    …Not it!

  • Greg & Jennifer,

    It was quite a shock to get your email notifying us that this would be the last episode of the Rosary Army Show. I must tell you that I am very sad to know that I wont be getting any more podcast episodes in the future.

    However, it is clear that you made the decision that is in the best interest of your family. I know that stopping this show was not an easy thing for you to do. I admire your decision to put the family first!

    We never know where the path God calls us to go down will lead us to on the other end. We simply must follow God’s call to trust Him. You guys are doing that!

    Thanks for being an inspiration and an example for us for so long doing the podcast and for making the tough decision to do what simply needed to be done.

    I pray God’s blessings will continue to follow!

  • Wow. After scanning throughout the comments on here and SQPN, This still stands true.

    80% Love your work (even more.)
    20% Hate it. (you ignore those people.)

  • Congratulations on a hard decision. It was great to get to know you both and your family over the last few years.

    As a UK listener I was disappointed not to be able to listen to your radio show but I look forward to news of your new baby – perhaps via Fr Roderick’s Daily Breakfast podcast.

    God bless you all

    Richard Emblem

  • I’m sad that I do not have Sirius radio, maybe one day I will, but at the moment, as a college student, it just isn’t in my funds right now. I will miss RA since it was the first Catholic Podcast I found. But I understand why the change had to be made. I wish you all the success possible! I’ll be seeing you on the website I guess, and I have to admit I’m hoping that when SQPN does their CNMC in 09 you guys will be present.

    May the Force be with you, and God Bless!!!

    Still a fan in Torrance, CA


  • Wow! I just read some of these comments. I can’t believe some of the negativity. The vocation to the family is first – if this lets you spend more time as a family, sounds like an easy choice to me!

    I will miss RA, but look forward to the future ministry opportunities for Greg and Jennifer and others.

  • You created a great podcast, but I don’t believe that held you to some sort of obligation to continue it forever. Life evolves. “Greg and Jennifer” are REAL FOLKS who also have REAL LIVES.

    It makes me sad to see selfish people who are all about themselves … “what will you give or do for me?”.

    I thank you Greg and Jennifer for giving so much of yourself. You have engaged my mind and my heart and have truly been a blessing.

  • I can’t say I’m surprised by the negativity. Lots of people quickly get a sense of entitlement about things they never earned or paid for, but which you have produced for free through your own hard work. I’ve experienced the same thing.

    And when you ask them how you’re supposed to feed your family while providing this free service, they offer platitudes like “God will provide.” Remember James 2:16.

    Congratulations to Greg and Jennifer and I hope and am convinced that you will continue to allow God to lead you in the path he has laid out for you.

  • I would like to join in on this; There is no greater vocation than building up the Kingdom of God! When a MAN and a WOMAN decide to get Married, it is for that reason. The family must always come first, any ministry that one can do while raising and tending to the family is all well and good but there is no greater ministry than that of the Family!

    If, the benefit to the family is to change careers, to take less paying job, to take a more paying job, then that is what you must do. The family is an ever changing and growing ministry and there will come a time when those children will be out of the house at which time other ministries may come into play. Meantime the family takes precedence over all.

    I speak from experience, my wife and I have five daughters ranging in age from 15 months to 11 years. When we had just three children, I found it very easy to spend a couple of hours per day working on my own little ministry ( But with five, that is a whole different game. My wife and I moved from California to Alabama, just so that we could keep her home, meantime, the website although it is still running, has not been updated in months because my job and family take up most of our time. I will get an email from someone claiming the links aren’t up to date, oh well.

    As for the one person, who is wondering when the book deal will be coming, I hope soon and when it does not to worry, JC will get over it.

    In Christ

    Quite possibly the only Portuguese in Alabama,

  • Hey, it’s a party in here! And there’s usually a pooper, LOL. Tough to go through life as a pooper, you know. For everybody else, I think we get it.

    That was a classy goodbye. Thanks guys. My life has certainly been enriched by your virtual friendship, and by the real one. And to think, it started with a TERRIBLE tinny little recording and some begging to listen. Thank God Jennifer decided to join along. I’ll never listen to monkeys in the same way.

    I even got the feedback line…one…last…time….

    Godspeed with the new endeavor. Who knows what new things are in the future. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    with much love,

  • I am praying that those who are criticizing your decision will come to understand it. I understand the pressures of life and the need to re-assess your life. Value-checking is always a good thing. Please don’t let the hate mail get to you. I guess that comes with the territory when you choose to open up and share your lives with people. It’s sad, really. They are “mourning” and I understand that, but to lash out the way they are is uncalled for.

    As for your the infrequency of your podcast, I didn’t care that much. I was subscribed in iTunes so that when you had something to share, you would. That’s the point of RSS. You don’t have to know when a new episode comes out. A new podcast was like a letter from friend and I enjoyed everyone of them. You both are terrific witnesses for living the Good News. I would share in your triumphs and cry in your heartbreaks. I will now be following the Rosary Army endeavors on your blog.

    I am thrilled that the XM/Sirus merge has finally allowed you to be on XM. We recently bought a car with the XM service and had wished I could hear you guys once again, especially when I was seeking a common Christian spirit. As a Protestant working in a Catholic school, you helped more than any other podcast in understanding the Catholic values and traditions.

    Please know that Christ is working in you, no matter what project you are working on. It is God’s work and you are incredible servants, giving it ALL for HIM.

    I will continue to pray for your mission and work. I can hear God saying now:

    May God bless Rosary Army and the Willits Family.

  • Best of luck in your endeavors, you will be missed.

    I really enjoyed the few months I got to know the RA podcast before it ended, and ESPECIALLY enjoyed the “spin-offs” you did like NFP.

    I just hope that one day Sirius/XM will allow you to upload your shows (or at least parts of it) like Catholic Answers Live does with their show turning it into a podcast. All the best to you and your family and hope to hear from you again through these earbuds someday.

  • I haven’t seen any “hate” mail… I’ve seen people being upset about the decision, but I would not term that “hate” mail.

    I get a little tired of these online communities accusing someone who, albeit strongly, disagrees with something that you may have said or done.

    If JC fees that way, so be it. He’s entitled. If we all sounded and acted the same way, then there would not be much diversity, and that is what makes our world, and our church, what it is… diversity.

    Before any of you accuse anyone of being a “pooper” or “not getting it” or being “unkind” or “negative”, take a look at Matthew 7:1 ff.

  • Thanks for all yuor podcasts G&J.

    I do hope you’ll be able to get around to doing the second series of That Catholic Show sometime; there really isn’t anything else around like that.

    Good luck guys!

  • Hello Greg and Jennifer,
    I’m sad that there will be no more Rosary Army podcast, but I’m really really happy for you guys on the radio show, and you now actually get time for your family! I’m a long time listener, even though not an active one, I really enjoyed your podcast a lot, and I believe you really show us how to live out God’s will.
    Thank you for all you have done, and I wish you all the best with your radio show and your family. I’ll be sure to follow the baby news on your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I just listened to the last episode … and I am really sad! It’s a bit like losing friends, though we never met.
    Thank you for all you have done these last years, I have been a listener since January 2006 and enjoyed your podcast very much.
    It is great with the radio show you are now able to better take care for the needs of your family – and it is great podcasting helped open the doors.
    God bless you & your family & the RA apostolate & all your radio listeners!

  • Good luck Greg and Jennifer! I imagine this must have been very difficult to do, but you gotta take care of your family. There are bound to be people that are upset, but it will pass. Instead of being sad, let us focus our energies on prayer for the Willits family and for everyone who is involved in the Rosary Army apostolate – that their work will continue to be fruitful.

    God bless!

  • Dear Greg & Jennifer,

    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for your great podcasting efforts over the last few years. As we also have young kids, I totally understand and respect your decisions. I’d probably have made exactly the same choice. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, the adventure continues… may your radio-show endeavours be very fruitful, not only for your listeners, but also for you and your family.


    Cheers, Craig
    Brisbane, Australia

  • Really disappointed that JC is so selfish to only think about how Greg and Jennifer’s decision affects him/her rather than how the community at large feels about it. Also very disappointed that JC doesn’t provide any information about how we can engage him/her in a dialogue but prefers to curse Greg and Jennifer from the cloak of anonymity.

    I want to make an offer to counteract that negativity. I understand that there are people who are unable to afford a Sirius or XM subscription due to financial need. These are very difficult financial times. If you are one of these people, the first person to email me at [email protected] will get a free year’s subscription to XM Radio Online so that you can listen to Greg and Jennifer’s Catholics Next Door, as well as any other Catholic Channel shows, on XM Radio Online. PLEASE only email me if you have a GENUINE financial need and you can adhere to the terms of service below:

  • God Bless you Greg and Jennifer. You have dedicated your lives to serving God and His church. I have so loved listening to your podcasts. As a women who has suffered 3 miscarriages, I have cried for youguys both sad and happy tears. I can’t wait to hear about the birth of the newest Willits baby–what a wonderfully spoiled little girl she will be.

    Thank you both for bringing me closer to Jesus and Mary, and making it so easy for me to pray the Rosary. I definitely have to buy my hubby a Sirius Stiletto for Christmas so that I can record The Catholics Next Door as I am homeschooling during your show time.

    I’m sure your decision was a difficult one, but you are able to reach such a large audience through Sirius and XM…what a awesome way to evangelize!

    God Bless you and keep up the good work!
    Grace and Peace,

  • That’s the final straw. I’m unsubscribing. Doooh! : ) We’ll miss you in the podosphere. You were the first Catholic podcast I found and really opened the door to the new media evangelization for me and my entire family. In many ways, my family walked with you through your many travails and successes. I’ll just wait patiently until the day that Sirius allows you to post an hour of your daily podcast.

    Thanks for turning my family on to the addiction that is “all-twine knotted rosaries”. May God continue to bless your ministry. – Craig & Kathleen Lewis

  • Wow… I choked up. You guys are awesome. Good luck in all your endeavors. Thanks for the many podcasts that provided good company. I guess I gotta start back at the beginning now! Take care. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hi guys,

    good luck.

    However 2 things:

    fr Dave still does Busted Halo each week, and I can’t listen to the radio shows from Australia unless I don’t sleep.

    I’m hurting but thats ok.

    Good luck and God bless,


  • Now that it’s been more than a week since we released this last podcast episode, I just wanted to quickly thank everyone for the kind words and prayers.

    For those of you who feel hurt by the change, please know it’s been painful for us, as well. We know we’ll miss the podcast for a long, long time, but I can already tell it’s making a difference in our family.

    Also, for those of you who have mentioned Busted Halo’s podcast, apparently you’re right that Fr. Dave does put out an occasional interview in a podcast feed, as well as show up on the Busted Halo podcast quite frequently. A big difference, though, is that he most likely does not have to do any of the tech work to make that happen. It took me over an hour to get the last podcast posted after we had recorded it. Recording the show is easy, it’s all the before and after stuff that was making it so difficult to produce anymore.

    Nevertheless, in regards to podcasting bits from The Catholics Next Door, I have asked about this, but was told not to count on it. I’m not quite sure what Fr. Dave’s agreement was to make that happen, but the circumstances are different for everyone.

    I’ll keep asking whenever there is an appropriate opportunity, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon simply because we don’t own the content of the radio show. Sirius/XM does.

    Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick response and let you know we’ve heard the disappointment and we’re truly sorry for any pain we have unintentionally caused anyone.

    As we said on our last podcast, we have a job now that allows us a lot more stability to take care of our kids, plus we have time to spend with the children that we haven’t had in four years.

    We pray that the pain will end soon for anyone who has difficulty with this change, but please know that our family unit really needed this to happen for many different reasons.

    You all have meant a tremendous amount to us and will continue to be so for a long, long time.

  • Wow, I have avoided listening to your final podcast, I confess, I too was slightly miffed and felt a little abandoned, but after listening to your show today, it all makes sense. Greg & Jennifer are a wonderful example to all of us on how to let our faith guide us in our lives, regardless of where we think it may take us. I know their example has helped me in learning to trust the Holy Spirit in making decisions in my own life.

    What a wild ride it is when you let the Holy Spirit steer the ship, put your seat belt on!

    Financially, I cannot do satellite radio, I cannot justify it in my budget, but I do wish you well, I wish you really were the Catholics next door to me, I’d love to have you over for coffee!

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