April 5

Rancho San Antonio



A listener has called in before and told us about this really neat sounding boys home.  He’s a big supporter and volunteer at Rancho San Antonio.  Apparently they need help right now.  If you’re looking for a place to offer Lenten almsgiving, this might be a place to consider.

Here’s what Dean had to say about this apostolate:

I have told you about Rancho San Antonio and would like to have a chance to make a shameless plug. They need your help.

I am a 4th degree knight of Columbus.  The Knights have a yearly open house Car show and BBQ this year we are adding a Texas hold em’ tournament $50 bay in.

This is the only Catholic Boys live in facility in Southern California. All the boys are from 12 to 18 and although the facility is government subsidized the needs outweigh the income provided. This is a second chance for the boys. This is the last chance before Jail.

May 1 is the date this year and I know with the 100s of thousands of people that listen to your show, you may bring in the people for the open house and maybe some DONATIONS from your world wide range of listeners.

Please email me to set up an interview. If this is something you are moved to support.

Its all about the boys.

Please get schooled on rancho and make it a part of your show it could be a cover story for Lenten penance.

Go check it out.  And if you can give, please do.

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  • I am the Manager for the Bingo on Wed. Nights supporting Rancho. It is held at the Knights of Columbus Hall located at 21433 Strathern St. Canoga Park. Bingo starts at 6:30 with a free meal prepared by the boys at Rancho. All proceeds go directly to the Boys Home. Come out and play and have fun while you support a great cause!

  • Just checking out some of the things spread about Rancho online, and I am moved by some of the things I have found. I spent almost four years of my youth their, as a very troubled child, and have grown up to become a successful financial broker. Your support makes a chance for a child to have a better life! I am now 27 years years old, very happily married with two beautiful little girls that I devote my life too! Thank all of you for your support of the ranch! I am actually going to go to the car show tomorrow so my family can have a tour! 🙂

    Colin Moore

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