August 31

Rosary Army Office Tour



Picture 3I was at the Rosary Army office doing some work this afternoon and thought since we talk about Rosary Army so often on our radio show that perhaps you might enjoy a brief tour of the Rosary Army Headquarters.

And of course, if you would like a free all-twine knotted Rosary, be sure to stop over at Rosary Army’s website, print off a form, and send it off to us and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Thanks for the tour Greg! Gave me a little perspective of what used to be at your house!

    As a favor, please keep me in your prayers as I am discerning starting my own apostolate. If possible (i.e. your schedule allows!), please “RE” back so I can bounce my idea off of you and see what you think. Thanks!

    In His service, and yours,

    Dan from MA

  • Can’t tell you how happy that video makes me Greg! Always happy to see Rosary Army is still going strong. I will try to help out a little with your rent come October : ) and maybe supply you with some Red Rosaries as well.


  • Greg,
    Just curious, what is the financial model that helps pay for all of this? I hear you two talk about it, and understand it’s a great deal of time. So is this solely reliant upon donations or do you have some local parish or dioceses support. Just seems like a lot of work!!! Poland, my goodness…

  • Bob – Rosary Army is a 501c3 non-profit organization and has always been 100% donor supported. Also, we have produced two DVDs (That Catholic Show and Rosary Army Virtual Workshop) that bring in a very small amount each month and have continued to do so for a few years now. Everything else we give away. We typically will do one fund drive a year to try to raise funds for a year of operations, but it’s actually been 21 months since the last time we did that. Needless to say, our coffers are running low, but ever since we started Rosary Army almost 7 years ago, we put it in the hands of Jesus and Mary and they’ve provided for the apostolate’s needs time and again, despite occasionally huge growth spurts. I’m telling you, we’ve been tremendously blessed just to watch this grow almost on its own.

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