November 27

Rosary Army on Fox News



Well, not really. But is it okay if I live vicariously through Vicky, our very first paid employee?

Vicky processed mail for us for quite some time (sorry, Vicky, I don’t remember how long) before she left for college. Now she’s a drum major for Georgia Tech’s marching band. They’re in New York right now for the Macy’s parade, and Vicky was interviewed on Fox & Friends.

Maria Johnson, who co-wrote all the episodes of That Catholic Show, is Vicky’s mom. And her sister Christy currently works for us processing Rosary requests for Rosary Army. You think Maria’s feeling a little bit proud after seeing this video?

By the way, please pray for Christy and her brother Jonathan.  She just had schnozz surgery and Jonathan just had knee surgery.  Talk about elaborate ways of getting out of helping with Thanksgiving preparations!

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  • Nice. What a handsome trio of kids (ok, I am biased!). Thanks for your prayers…Vicky is on a different high thanks to the victory against Georgia; Christy is back at work and school and doesn’t sound like Darth Vader anymore, and Jonathan is in physical therapy and milking it for all it’s worth. He has a limp and uses a cane (he pretends to be House) but recovering well.

    And that means I am back on-line. We did Thanksgiving in our pajamas. Not something I’d like to repeat, but it was low-key and relaxing.

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