June 10

Sam’s Paper Droid Factory



photo-257Our son Sam can make just about anything out of paper and tape.

This week he has been making full-scale (or at least Sam-scale) versions of droids from Star Wars. It started with just the head of a droid, and then he started making the body parts.

He’s used a lot of paper and tape this week.

Then he surprised us today by using a digital camera to make his own sound-seeing tour of the “droid factory” he put in his closet, which is currently comprised of two Star Wars droids he made yesterday entirely out of paper and tape. I didn’t even know he knew how to make a digital movie using the camera.

So I put the video on YouTube and now you can check it out yourself. Check out the movie here to see Sam’s Paper Droid Factory.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Classic I love it except I showed it to my kids and we have lots of paper and tape…

  • I love it! Sam does amazing work, like Father like son. He even has his own cloffice. 😉

  • Awsome paper maquettes! Anyone who can mentally toss 3D objects like that in their head has a great spatial sense. Looks like there may be a mechanical engineer, package designer, or architectural model maker in the making here.

    Keep building models when the mood stikes. Consider investigating a bit on some Oragami techniques. Some may let you build even more kinds of things. The great thing is that completed Oragami models are shown as pictures so you can pick the ones you find useful.

    Well done.

  • Hi Greg & Jennifer,

    Looks like Sam has grown quite a bit since the last time you posted video of him. Impressive work on the droids. The Force is strong in this one :).

  • I just showed the YouTube clip to my 8 year old (Vincent)… now he has been encouraged to consume even more tape and paper!!! Keep at it as long as the paper and tape supply hold out Sam!

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