September 12

Grilled PB, Chocolate & Cheese Sandwich



As caller Mike from Texas suggested on today’s broadcast of The Catholics Next Door, we made the Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip-American Cheese sandwich on Wheat. It was not bad. We were actually surprised that we were able to eat the whole sandwich. Below, the sandwich is cooking away with butter spread on the outside of the bread.

But we make good on our promises. If we say we’re gonna do it, by golly, we’re gonna do it! Now the big question is: Will you dare to try it yourself? If so, be sure and leave us your sandwich review in our comments section. Below, the completed sandwich:

Jennifer takes a tentative bite. Would this be a disaster, or a brand new treat we really didn’t need to know about?

And finally, she contemplates the rich taste and texture. Not too bad! Probably won’t be a recurring treat like peanut and bacon is for Greg, but it’s still pretty good!

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Jennifer is married to Greg. They have five kids.

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  • Greg,

    What about your famous peanut butter and bacon sandwich which must be entirely eaten before you can drink from the pre-poured frosty mug of milk?

    Now that was a sandwich.


  • Greg and Jennifer,
    My grandchildren, husband and I tried the peanut butter, Choc, and cheese sandwhich. In the works of our 6 year old grandaughter as she was explaining it to dad, “It was INTERESTING at least not discusting”. We had fun making and trying it.
    Thanks to Mike from Texas and you two for the fun we had with the g/kids.


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