Serenading Lily

picture-12This is becoming a regular thing to end the days with Lily, but apparently Lily really likes live music right before bedtime.

I was playing piano for Lily and singing a rather pitchy version of Mr. Jones by Counting Crows when Jennifer started recording.

Not my best rendition, but it’s neat to watch how carefully Lily was paying attention, especially near the end of video.

Posted by Greg
June 29, 2009
  • Dawn says:

    Wow! I can really see the weight you have lost, Greg. Lookin’ pretty svelte.

    Please do me a favor and squeeze those adorable, chubby Lily legs for me. That is my favorite part of babies. LOVE those squishy knees and thighs! 🙂

  • Deidre says:

    What a special Daddy, Daughter moment. But I have to tell you Lily wasn’t the only one who enjoyed your concert. My cat Sasha jumped up next to my iMac and was spellbound by your keyboard playing. She usually ignores the computer. She just put her head down to sleep…. so Lilly isn’t the only one who is put to sleep by your music and in this case, that’s a good thing. 🙂 Thanks Greg for a sweet moment. Night Lilly and Sasha.

  • Ellen T. Mirarchi says:

    Nicely done! My 21 year old son started to sing along and asked who the artist was! You’re famous!

  • Adrianne says:

    40 days and 40 nights to download the video but I was finally able to view the whole thing! Loved it! Lily is so precious! I just wish I could give her a raspberry on those plump cheeks of hers. Simply adorable. (Greg, you’re looking good as well! Keep up the exercise! Let us know when you need to update your wardrobe because nothing fits : ))

    PS: Were your boys ever this interested in your playing?

  • Nant Ancy says:

    I keep telling Greg how dang pretty Lily is, but a lady at church a few weeks ago said it best when she said Lily is mezmerising. You can’t stop looking at her.

  • Carol says:

    OY!!! How sweet! That’s real talent, playing with a baby on your lap. Pretty, pretty baby. She reminds me of my baby girl. 🙂 My baby is chunky. But I think Lilly is 6 months and my baby was born Jan 3 and is smaller but then we are small Hispanic people. I wish I could show you that they kind of look like cousins. I think Lilly looks like her mom.

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