April 16

Sick Bay



Jennifer and I are both fighting head colds while also hosting the show. Here is what it looks like in the infirmary/studio.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • YIKES! I hope that the Willit’s house is feeling better soon.

    I’m sure you heard about this, but I did catch a little overlap after your show ended and Archbishop Dolan’s show started. I’ve never heard that happening before. A little XM/Sirius glitch

  • I have been battling the sinusitis also. It started when we attended the Monday practice rounds for the Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA. A week and a half later it is still here. I tried the netti pot, no success. Unlike Jennifer, I did not go to the doctor’s office. I went to CVS and got Tylenol Multi-symptom, rapid release gels, and it helped. I told my daughter when in doubt get the multi-symptom (it had stuff for headache, sinus pressure, nasal congestion, runny nose/sneezing, itchy watery eyes) what else could you ask for a $6.99. Jennifer that was a waste of time for your to wait 2 hours and the PA to ask you what kind of drugs do you need? OMG. That is so unprofessional, no bedside manners at all. You need to fire the doctor. Find a more compassionate doctor. Lily looks like a lady already. She sure will make heads turn. Enjoyed listening to your show and the Catholic channel during our trip to Georgia.

  • I’m sorry y’all are struggling with the “cold” stuff… you really ought to try a Neti pot! Pediatricians are using something similar for children…

    God bless you with healing!!

  • I don’t think it’s fair that Jennifer should continue to look so beautiful when she’s so sick. I don’t think that happens with me when I’m sick. I really like that picture of her. I think her hair/bangs look really nice in that picture — I am envious. : )

    PS: How are the boys?

  • i have been suffering from sinusitis for so many years and i can only relieve the stuffiness of the nose by means of decongestants.~~:

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