March 24




We’re finally starting to see the results of our labor from last November when we planted 39 trees in the back yard.

Actually, it was 34 trees and 5 shrubbery things, but still, 39 plants put in the ground in a single day.

The other day I was talking to our producer Adam on the phone as I walked through the backyard, looking at the leaves popping out on various trees.

Adam, who is in New York, heard birds over the phone and immediately shouted his frustration.

This, of course, meant I needed to hang up the phone and take pictures to send to Adam and the other The Catholic Channel folks in New York just to taunt them.

Blue skies from the back yard.  We’re still contemplating finally putting down sod in a couple weeks after 10 years on no success in getting grass seed to actually grow.

Sam has been on a Moby Dick phase lately.  He made a Captain Ahab hat and a spear and was enjoying the warm spring day outside.

Captain Ahab Sam.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • wow thats a big yard! you and the boys (and Lily when she’d older) can totally camp there in the summer!

    thats a cool looking spear!!!

  • captain ahab sam is adorable

    we’ve got birds singing and forsythia and lilacs budding here in illinois too – i may have to mow the lawn for the first time this weekend

    see how these things spread? headed to the back yard with my camera now


  • Um, just throwing this out there… that pointy thing looks dangerous! I’m sure if I was a kid I’d play pirates with it… ah who am I kidding, if I had a sweet swing set in my back yard I’d be playing on it right now!

  • Greg,
    I totally feel your pain on the growing grass thing. Our problem is slightly different though. We have no problem getting grass to grow in the yard, but we can’t seem to stop the weeds. Our soon to be 5 year old, thinks dandelions are just beautiful. I haven’t yet told her I’m on a mission to destroy the evil dandelion princess.

  • Hey Greg…Zac just recently changed jobs and is working at a very high end “Lodge for Dogs”. I was able to tour it the other day and they have fake grass in the kennels and it looks fantastic and very real. I have no idea where you get it or the cost, but if my neighborhood covenants allowed it (which they don’t…St. Augustine grass only) I would invest in it…the money I would save from True Green and our monthly lawn guys would pay for it eventually. Anyway, just thought I’d pass that on…I had mentioned it to Mom the other day and she said it sounded like what you need in your backyard. We lost our yard again this year to drought and will be resodding in the next couple weeks now that rainy season has finally begun.

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