March 2

Strep x 2



This is getting ridiculous.

I finished today’s show, came downstairs, and Jennifer said both Ben and Tom had a fever.

We gave them Tylenol and called the doctor to beg and see them.

No ear infections. No sinus problems.

Then came the big swabs (Ben now cries when he gets tested) and I was very surprised that they both came back with positive strep results.

Oh joy.

And now the doctor is thinking Ben and Tom might need their tonsils removed. We have no idea how we’ll manage that one.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Now it’s “Tom”? No more “Tommy”? : ( They seem to grow up so fast! Was it a request of Tommy’s that he be called “Tom” or did it just happen?


  • Back when I was a kid, just about everyone had their tonsils out if they had recurrent ear infections or strep throat. With my children, it was continuous antibiotics. Now that there are so many antibiotic-resistant bugs, I hear they are moving back to removing tonsils. Somehow, I think the surgery is better in the long run. I cannot ever remember having strep or ear infections after mine were removed!

    Somehow, the Lord will make it all work!


  • When my oldest son turned 5 (he’s now 8), we went through a series of five (yes, 5!!) back-to-back strep throat infections all within an 8-month period. We saw an ear/nose/throat specialist and he suggested that since our son’s tonsils were big and that it was peak season for strep, we’d wait out the season and see what summer brings. He never got strep again and his body grew to where the tonsils weren’t proportionally oversized. Good luck!

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