November 21

Strep x 3



We’re tired of going to the doctor.

I’m at the doctor right now with Tommy. So far the tally is:

Walt’s tonsils removed today.
Sam has strep.
Ben has strep.
Tommy has strep.

Jennifer and I both wonder if we should get tested again, but it’s too late on Friday for the doctor.

*UPDATE: I managed to get to a doctor today and tested negative for strep, so once again, it’s all the boys.  They’ve all been medicated and are already feeling better.  And now that they’re all in bed, Jennifer and I are feeling better, too.  Long day today.*

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • I guess you are taking advantage of that health insurance now 😉
    WOW, busy day for all of you.

  • You all are precious! I found you on the air last week and enjoy your cute show. Hope you can all regain your health.

  • We went through tonsilectomies. Our daughter had them out in April and the both boys in July (same day!). I love your show and hope everyone recovers soon! You are an inspiring family!

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