April 26

Sunday Outside



The trees we planted back in November truly. Have transformed our backyard. We moved a bunch of chairs to one of the dependable spots of shade and we’ve been wasting away the afternoon just hanging out in the backyard. It’s taken us 10 years to finally get to do this.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Thanks for making my morning commute wonderful. My husband and I found the Catholic Channel on XM in the last month and can’t seem to turn it off! We miss it when we listen to music. It’s a good thing. It is beautiful in sunny Willits, CA today too. My husband and I took the family on Harley rides to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants and then rode around the valley looking at the wonderful day God gave us. BTW. When our youngest daughter had her adenoids and tonsils taken out she had a tough time coming out of anethesia, but it was the best decision we made for her. She has been much healthier during the last ten years–she is now 20! Enjoy your family and each other.

  • Can’t see the toenail polish but must not be orange..but Jen looks awfully relaxed. Thank you Greg for giving in on the Mani and Pedi.

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