Talking to Teens About New Media

This morning I had the privilege of talking to a class of 8th graders in New Orleans about the differences between New Evangelization and New Media.

We used Google Hangouts, which I’ve used with just a few people at once, but this was the first time I used it to talk with a large group of people in a single location.  I’m very curious about other topics and ways of using this technology that would benefit others in using their own God-given skills to help others.

How do you use Google Hangouts? I’d be curious to hear of other ways you’ve used it in a training environment.

Posted by Greg
February 18, 2014
  • BarbInNebraska says:

    Once a month, the folks who connect on Twitter with #CatholicEdChat have a GHO to share ideas and discuss new topics. This past Catholic Schools Week we used Skype for an activity called Mystery Skype. We asked yes or no questions to figure out where they were.

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