April 15

Radio Archive #51: Newt and Callista Gingrich and Greg’s Medical Procedure

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cndpodcastrss1In this episode: Newt and Callista Gingrich join us to talk about their documentary about Pope John Paul II, and Greg has a medical procedure. This podcast is courtesy of Sirius 159/XM 117 (The Catholic Channel). You can get a full three hours of The Catholics Next Door, Monday through Friday from 10AM to 1PM EST, only from Sirius/XM. Sign up today!

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Thank you, Greg and Jennifer, for this podcast with Newt and Callista Gingrich. My copy of the DVD just arrived in the mail yesterday. It will make a great Father’s Day present!

  • This is about the tipping discussion on the May 19 show.
    What was missing in the discussion is the purpose of tipping. Tipping in the US exists to bring the $2.13 minimum wage for people who receive tips up to the Federal $7.25 minimum wage. If an employer can establish that average tips for a certain position come within $2.13 of the federal minimum wage then, the employer can stop paying $7.25 per hour and pay $2.13. My friends who worked in college towns rarely made more than $3 an hour. So if a cashier is regularly tipped his employer can cut his hourly wage.
    Currently an employer who has tipped employees has to prepare W-2s with the assumption that all tipped employees get at least 8% of gross sales in tips, even if total tips reported to the employer are less than that. This puts some employees who $2.13 per hour in the position of paying income taxes on money they didn’t receive. In high end restaurants where people are regularly tipped at more than 8% of the gross sales, employees only report 8% and then fail to pay taxes on income they received. My friends who waited tables at 4 and 5 star restaurants, made upwards of $15 per hour.
    As you can see the tipping system effectively shifts tax burden from reasonably compensated individuals to low income individuals.
    As Catholics I think that we need to lobby for the elimination of the lower “servers” wage and have one minimum wage for all.

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