August 17

Radio Archive #63: NFP Goofs and Matthew Warner

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cndpodcastrss1In this episode: Did we goof while following NFP? Is that even possible? And Matthew Warner joins us to talk about Catholic New Media. This podcast is courtesy of Sirius 159/XM 117 (The Catholic Channel). You can get a full three hours of The Catholics Next Door, Monday through Friday from 10AM to 1PM EST, only from Sirius/XM. Sign up today!

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • I use for charting….its amazing! You can input so much different information and it give you a calendar chart as well as a “wheel chart” and you can compare with others charts. Its an incredible tool. There are also so many excellent books on “fertility” and the more one reads up on it, it only builds more and more the knowledge the amazing way the body works : )

  • Thank you, thank you, for addressing this important topic. I am feeling the EXACT same thing…Could be pregnant after being too lax and now just waiting for a new cycle. We have 4 children already and are getting reaquainted with NFP after baby #4. Thank you for addressing all the concerns…financial, emotional, spiritual. It is reassuring to hear that God will bless us with the ability to care for another, if He deems so.

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