October 7

Radio Archive #68: Compendiumized

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cndpodcastrss1In this episode: How do you learn more about your faith? In this episode we run the Compendium through it’s paces. This podcast is courtesy of Sirius 159/XM 117 (The Catholic Channel). You can get a full three hours of The Catholics Next Door, Monday through Friday from 10AM to 1PM EST, only from Sirius/XM. Sign up today!

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Dear Gregg & Jennifer,

    I prayed along with the Willits family on UStream today as you prayed the rosary. What a wonderful experience to join you all in your living room! I thought all four boys were extremely well-behaved – a real credit to the both of you and how you have instilled in them the notion of “rising to the occasion” – – and they DID!! – even if you did have to get up once and pat one of the boys (Walter??) on the head, Greg. Thanks for the prayer opportunity. I have been growing in my dedication to the rosary over the past year – so much so, that I really feel a void on days when things get so hectic and I realize I didn’t take the time. I loved the opportunity with the Willits family today. It gave me the chance to say the rosary twice during the day.

    Yours in Christ,

    ROB DUTKOSKY (Tulsa, OK)

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