October 19

Radio Archive #69: Rosary Twine Rescue Mission!

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cndpodcastrss1Rosary Army’s main twine provider has gone out of business and we talk about the potential impact to our apostolate and what we plan on doing. This podcast is courtesy of Sirius 159/XM 117 (The Catholic Channel). You can get a full three hours of The Catholics Next Door, Monday through Friday from 10AM to 1PM EST, only from Sirius/XM. Sign up today!

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Hi Greg and Jennifer,

    Just listened to TCND podcast #69 about Rosary Army’s troubles now that FNT Twine has gone out of business. I was wondering: Would Rosary Army lose anything unique or special if it made its rosaries out of something other than twine? It seems far easier to get beads, cords, lengths of chain and rosary making kits than it is to get the #36 twine. A couple in my own parish makes rosaries out of beads and kits. I know twine rosaries have the advantages of quiet operation and durability, but if it’s a choice between closing up shop and making rosaries some other way, I would rather see Rosary Army make rosaries some other way. Rosary Army soldiers could still “make them, pray them, and give them away,” but out of some other material. This is just a suggestion. Please do as you think Our Lord and His Blessed Mother are leading you and not according to what I or anybody else would like. It’s only that Rosary Army has made me a better Catholic, and I would like to see it continue to help others in the same way.

  • Don’t lose hope. We are planning on buying the machines at the auctions and continuing to make the twine.

  • Hi, I am CEO and head of sales for Catahoula Manufacturing, Inc. Rosary twine is one of the products we manufacture. Since FNT has gone out of business we have seen an increase in our Rosary twine business. We are in the process of adding more colors. We are also looking at adding multi colors and variegated colors. These new colors should be available before the end of the year. Our minimum order to be set up as a wholesale account is only $1,000.00. For customers that can not meet this minimum, we ask that they contact our sister company “The Fish Net Company LLC”. Fish Net will sell any amount. The toll free number for Fish Net is 800-256-5256. For those customers that can buy $1,000.00 or more at a time, our toll free number is 800-873-4778 (800 US FIRST). Any input as how we can service the Rosary twine business better will be appreciated. My assistant, Sharron will be happy to talk to you should I not be available.

  • This news about FNT made me so sad. What a wonderful company. I really enjoyed dealing with them at this time each year. My students and I make rosaries for Christmas gifts. This is a long standing tradition that both students and parents look forward to each year. I hope that another company steps up soon. After Christmas we make them for several units of deployed soldiers but they have to meet certain specifications that FNT always was so good about.


  • Hello,

    I am deeply disappointed in FNT’s demise. While I was heartened to read Mr. Champlin’s post, I was a bit dismayed at the pricing structure.

    Mr. Champlin, I would ask you to consider the following with regard to rosary making: there are customers, such as myself and my rosary-making teammates at church, who make rosaries for the armed forces. This requires us to use dark, muted colors. Solid black is too difficult for us to see; deeper multistranded colors are most helpful. We also do not have large amounts of money to spend so your pricing structure of $!,000 is way beyond our ability, even if we pooled our money. I would respectfully ask that you reconsider some of these needs between you and your sister company. I realize that we are a small population in your market, but if you would have any recommendations, we would be eager to hear them.

  • I make rosaries and give them away. I use my own money. What should I do to get all the pretty variagated colors? Can someone keep me posted because I have been hopeful about this. If you sell rosary twine, I too cannot possible afford 1000.oo order. I am in need of support on getting my twine. Please contact me.

  • I found the following notice on the http://www.rosaryworkshop.com website:
    But not all is lost! When Teena and Cheryl left FNT in 2006, they started
    Please visit them for a beautiful array of colored cords. batik (below) and solid colors.

    DIVINE TWINE (http://divinetwine.blogspot.com)

    I haven’t ordered from them, but their prices and their shipping costs seem reasonable. I hope this helps!

  • I ordered twine from Divine Twine and am very, very happy with it. The order came within a week. It is already cut for you, heat sealed at both ends and is in a plastic bag. The prices/shipping are very reasonable and I was able to get the varigated colors that I love to use. I orderd the “Surprise Pack”.

    I was so disappointed too when FNT closed, but Divine Twine is an option for you.

  • I and another lady have made possibly 700 rosaries through our CDA group and sent them to service men, and after 6 mo trying to contact the FNT I am so happy to have found another supplier. I will be ordering the “surprise pack” soon.

  • I recently used the last of my twine from FNT in making Rosaries for the Confirmation kids at my church. I ordered from “Twine by Design” for next years, and am very happy with it. Prices are about the same as FNT. I may look into “Divine Twine” for some different colors though.

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