October 30

Technical Difficulties



So we’re coasting along, have a great ol’ show today on The Catholics Next Door when suddenly *BAM!* the ISDN line died.

We were talking about the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit, getting ready to speak with Tim Drake and then later on Fr. Dwight Longenecker, and then without warning, we were left hanging out in space, with callers on the line who were hoping to win a copy of That Catholic Show on DVD.

At least our dog stuck by us as we suffered this senseless disruption of the ISDN line.

This is the first time we’ve had to deal with complete and total ISDN disruption.  Hopefully it’ll be the last!

Sorry for the inconvenience, folks!  If we can get the line working again, we’ll be back on the air shortly.  Otherwise, we’ll be back tomorrow!

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Greg, just a question out of curiosity: does Jody get to walk around in the studio during the program? Or is she banned? She appears in quite some pics from the studio.
    Anyway, hopefully no more of such technical inconveniences! Good luck and God bless!!

  • Ludwig –

    It depends on how well she’s behaving. Some days she gets in a whimpering mood and won’t stay quiet unless we’re petting her non-stop, which we obviously can’t do for 3 hours. When she gets like that, we take her out in the hall and shut the door and she usually goes to sleep.

    We’ve only had a barking incident a couple of times.

    But there have been many days where she comes in, passes out, and everything is great. But there is a LOT of dog hair on my side of the desk because she tends to come and whimper to me, and I pet her to keep her quiet.

    One trick I’ve learned lately is that if I just put my hand on her instead of petting her, she gets bored and usually goes to sleep that way, too.

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