February 28

Radio Archive #1: Eggplant and Childbirth

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cndpodcastCourtesy of Sirius 159/XM 117 (The Catholic Channel), it’s The Catholics Next Door podcast!  Featuring segments from The Catholics Next Door and occasional extra surprises, you can get a full three hours of The Catholics Next Door, Monday through Friday from 10AM to 1PM EST, only from Sirius/XM.  Sign up today!

In this episode: The family goes out for Italian in an effort to induce labor, followed less than two days later with actual audio footage from the birth of Lillian Grace Willits!

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • It’s great to hear from you guys again! Thanks for sharing such a special moment – I cried and rejoiced as Lily was born!

  • Yes! I had missed the show when you played the recording you Lily’s birth. Thanks for putting it in the podcast, it was wonderful!

  • Oh, this makes me SOOOOO happy!! I was just thinking a few days ago how much I miss hearing about the Willits life happenings. This is exactly what I was praying for. Thank you, thank you, thank you Sirius, The Catholic Channel and Greg and Jennifer, we love you!! : )

  • confession: I STILL haven’t listened to Curtain Call… but now I can cause it WON’T be the last time I hear you two!!!!!!! I’m so happy i get even a small part of the Catholics next door to listen to! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

  • I didn’t realize how MUCH I missed you guys! It all felt so wonderfully familiar. Welcome back to Podcastland. 🙂 Brought back many interesting memories of when I had my 2 kids.

    Looking forward to lots more!

  • Oh, I missed you guys so much! And I’m so happy for your family and this little wonderful just born girl. Thank you for your great work, it’s really great to listen from you again!

  • Please thank Sirius XM for allowing the podcast. I listen to the show when I can but most of the time I’m at work and don’t have the opportunity to listen.

  • Hooray! I have missed you so much since the Rosary Army podcast ended. Greetings from England.

  • Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!

    Now I can finally finish listening to the rest of the Rosary Army episodes! (which I’ve been spreading out for as long as possible)

    This = awesome squared.

  • Welcome back to the podcasting world! I missed you guys.

    Greg, I’m not sure I would have recorded and podcast Jennifer’s labor and delivery (definitely what I would call an intimate family moment), but I gotta tell ya, I choked up when I heard Lily cry for the first time. This kid is gonna have it made in the shade with thousands of RA and CND listeners, “aunts and uncles,” who will love her and pray for her as if she were a member of their own families. Welcome to the world, little one! You are loved.

  • I am so glad to hear you guys again, I never had the change to put you on itunes but I would listen to the rosary army podcasts on rosary army! I am so glad to be able to hear you guys again!!!

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