January 29

This Baby Is Not Very Fast



photo-238I’m not even sure what to say anymore.

We are totally confused as to what is going on with this baby.

After going through labor for the first four boys, we thought we had a clue, but this baby girl is definitely not speeding her way along. In fact, every time we think something is happening, we end up being wrong.

And now that we are five days past the due date, she has adequately proven that The Flash she is not.

Last night, after a full day of what seemed like non-stop contractions, we finally gave up and went to bed around 11.  I think at that point that we both knew the baby wouldn’t be coming last night, after all.

Yesterday Jennifer was supposed to have an ultrasound and check-up at the doctor.  We arrived to learn the ultrasound technician wasn’t available, so they sent us to the hospital where we’d be charged $150 for the ultrasound, so we left without any update whatsoever.  So we’re just totally and completely clueless as to if there has been any actual physical change since Jennifer was at the doctor’s on Monday morning.

What’s frustrating is that we feel like we keep letting other people down. I know Jennifer, especially, feels that way even though there’s not a single thing we could do to speed things along.

Trust me, if there is “sure-fire way to induce labor,” we’ve tried it. Yes, that one, too. And that one. We did that one, as well.

So here we are Thursday morning and we’ll be back on the air in less than a couple of hours and I’m quite glad for the distraction. While we talk about getting ready for the baby, it’s great taking calls, talking to fun guests, and laughing our way through 3 hours of not worrying about what happens next.

But I still think it would be über-cool for Jennifer to go into labor – REAL LABOR – during the program.

It would be even cooler for the baby to be born on the air.

That would help make up for all the waiting.

About the author 


Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Never Never Never Never feel like you are letting us down because your little girl has decided that she is not ready to meet the world yet. We are excited for her birth because we love you guys and are excited for you. Through all of our excitement at the idea of “meeting” your daughter, what is most important is that she and Jennifer are healthy and strong. And if that means that she wants to stay safe and secure where she is a few more days then we can wait. I just hope that Jennifer is not TOO uncomfortable.

  • Don’t worry. She’ll get here when she’s ready. And remember, although I know you would love to holding that precious little girl, she’s MUCH easier to take care of right where she is. Kathryn was 10 days late and finally had to be induced because she was getting big-8 lbs., 2 oz. Did you pray for patience?
    She’ll be here soon.

  • Jennifer and Greg,

    Remmeber you and the family are all in our prayers. You are doing great. God is with you and your family and you will soon be celebrating the birth of your baby daughter! All in good time.


  • Greg and Jennifer,

    You, your boys and the new baby girl are in our prayers. Her arrival will certainly be memorable and eventful … whenever it happens!

  • Greg & Jennifer
    You guys have so much patience. I know with my last child, I could not wait, and after measuring big, we had to have an ultra sound and he was measuring 9lbs 6 oz, I begged my doctor to be induced, because I was scared, and I have to admit patience is not one of the virtues that God has naturally blessed me with.
    I pray for you guys every day. I know that your little girl will be here soon
    God Bless,

  • Don’t feel like you are letting anyone down. Perhaps your baby and my baby want to be born on the same day, and your girl is trying to let my girl catch up developmentally first 😉 That would be too weird if Jennifer and I had the baby on the same day though. It is funny to have so many people following the births so closely.

    I agree with Allyson – the baby is much easier to take care of where she is! I am trying to enjoy as much sleep as I can because the moment the little one comes out, it will be around the clock on-call maintenance.

    Hugs and prayers for all of you. God has a plan for all this.

  • We had 5 children, everyone of them was late our middle child was actually due Dec.25. Dec 1, I was dilated 3cm, thinking it wouldn’t be long, we went through Christmas, I wanted to be home with the other two for Christmas and not have to bother family with child care, after Christmas I was ready, Doctor said everything was good. (it was 41 years ago things you just don’t forget) He arrived Dec 31. We got our deduction!!!
    Best wishes thoughts & prayers are with you.
    Love your program
    Many Blessings,

  • Letting us down…no way!! Checking on Jennifer’s progress is my excitement for the day. God bless your family, you all are in my prayers.

  • My OB would never give us an exact due date because of this reason exactly. Babies RARELY come on the exact date they are suppossed to. Instead he would say, “the baby is due around the middle of May”. That way we did not get overly anxious when the “due date” came and went without a baby in our arms. Jennifer, you will not be pregnant for eternity–your sweet little girl will arrive when you are least prepared!! Many blessings and prayers to St. Gerard for a safe and quick delivery!

  • visit a massage therapist , there is a one spot on your foot that is supposed to set you into labor or the definite sure fire thing is stimulation of the …shall we say breast feeding area also is a sure fire thing Hope this helps! And letting all of us down you are definitely NOT! Babies arrive obviously when they choose not when we do! Beleieve me I feel your pain!

  • I will say a prayer that today is the day! I also walked around for days 3-4 cm, contracting and not progressing. She will be well worth the wait! Oh, and if you are praying for patience, you might want to stop…. I have decided when I pray for patience, God just gives me more opportunities to exercise patience! Since I had my youngest, I decided patience is not the right wording for me. Now I pray for the grace to see me through…

    Good luck and God Bless!!!

  • Hi Greg and Jennifer, you shouldn’t feel as if you are letting anyone down. You are allowing people, like myself, who have never had children to experience the wonder, the waiting and the frustration. It is a beautiful process and you are wonderful people. The baby girl will make her appearance soon. Maybe she is waiting to make her appearance in style. Maybe on-air. Be safe, get some rest, and you and your family will be in my prayers.

  • Letting people down? Don’t be silly. Your baby girl is just showing you that having a baby girl in the house is going to be different, beginning with labor/delivery. A girl’s gotta make a statement with her entrance ya know!
    Praying for you and your family.

  • Don’t sweat it! Most of my tribe were a good three weeks late! If it goes that far, make sure you do get the ultrasound..

    Good luck, and don’t forget to get as much sleep as you can NOW!

    God Bless, Loretta

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  • Hahaha. It’s worth the wait. (It’s so funny when it happens to someone else…hahahaha!)



  • I was born a month late and turned out fine! So do not worry, I’m sure everything will go well with the baby, no matter when it decides to come! 🙂

  • I had a ‘sign’ today! We were having my sister’s retirement party from the FBI today at a restaurant and I was talking to my neice about you guys being pregnant, and late…just then, I looked up and this young woman walked by with a newborn baby girl! I said, “oh, it’s a sign..Jennifer’s going to have her baby today!” I really don’t believe in things like that, but it was fun writing you about it! We are all behind you, relax and enjoy the anticipation….

    Donna 🙂

  • Although I don’t have any bits of wisdom, I love you both and you and Rosary Army are still in my prayers. Right!! I never made the transition to Sirius. Ted Finger in Evans, GA

  • You CAN’T let us down — you are family to us now! We feel like we’re in this with you! (I have been listening ever since the 12 days of Christmas-podcasting) … we’ve seen you go through so much and we know you can get through this, too. We believe in you while you doubt yourselves and we love you while you are in the middle of something difficult, even if it is “just” waiting and sounds like it should be easy. It would be hard for any of us and you are doing a fine job of it. Thanks for the humility you show by sharing with us, even when you feel like you are letting us down. You guys are both such an example of how to live as Christians.

  • OM Goodness … Jennifer is not letting anyone down. I’m hoping that you have a happy baby who just happens to be content in where she is at all times. Remember it is all about the “journey” … maybe she is just not done with what she needs to do.

  • Who, exactly, does she thinks she’s letting down? What, exactly, does she think she can do to “speed things along”? It’s like looking for love Jennifer. Relax! Don’t try so hard. God will bring her to you when its time. You’re both doing a wonderful job. I know its hard. You will be rewarded.

  • Babies come mostly when THEY want to! That’s after having four! Groundhog Day would be cool – and maybe The Baby thinks so, too! Enjoy the extra few days of ‘portability.’ Healthy baby, healthy mom – that’s what matters!! I will keep checking back!

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